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Butter cookies/Recipe in English/how to make butter cookies/butter biscuits perfect, amazing tasty.

Butter cookies or biscuits are buttery,crispy, and melted in your mouth. one of the classic recipe are made with flour,butter,sugar with little egg.

Butter -150g
Flour -200g
Egg yolk-1
Icing sugar -80 G
Sugar -20 g
Egg wash -1
Vanilla essence- 2ml


1. Cream the soft butter, add icing sugar and cream them till it’s fluffy and creamy
2. Add vanilla essence and egg yolk, continue creaming.
3, add flour and bind the ingredients in to soft dough, please note- do not need the dough.
4, refrigerate for 10 minutes
5, divid the dough into 2, roll in to cylinder shape, roll in cling film to make this more tight, freeze it for 10 mins
6, remove the cling film, give egg wash, roll it in sugar,
7, slice then evenly, arrange in a tray.
8, bake them for 15 minutes at 170 degree Celsius preheat oven.
9, you will get perfect cookies

Original of the video here

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