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Making cookies with my grandma 😀


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

let me make a chocolate chip cookie[Music]umdo thatdeny[Music]now that’s greatbut it’s okay just know you didn’t getit onmaking too goodkidding i’m kiddingdon’t first tackle the second onethen i gotta go wash my handswash your hands kidsit’s gonna be off everything won’t beall rightmamanever mindthat’s enough rightis this enough orput your mother in there let it get inthereokay oh got himyeah you ready[Music]just in here go there that one righttherethen these two put this one right therei’m gonna put one thereone therebonestein i put them in thereall right guys we got them[Music]a little biti gotta watchalways wash your hands for 30 20 secondswarm waterah thatnow no chopping againoh two morewell i’m actually not because i’m alittle bit tirednot sicki’m going here so i’m not sick at alli’m not i am i’m good i’m good i’mhealthysafe you know just gonna watch youtubewell probably won’t work because yeah iknow italways happenswell let’s see if anything’si think the bad wouldn’t look too hard ihad no idea you guys were so close tosetting them upwell my phone’s when i got to charge iti’ll get y’all go i’ll kiss you all inthe morningwell yeah in the morning i love y’allbe safe help be healthy wash your handsand don’t be close to nobody and just besafeall right peace

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