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Bake Cookies With Addie

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Video Transcription

hi everyone my name is Adi and I am afirst year at hws and I normally put herout liyan’s but right now I’m in NorthBrookfield Massachusetts and a fun factabout me is that I really like baking sotoday I’m gonna be showing you guys howto make chocolate chip cookies so firstI’m gonna show you all the materialsthat you’re gonna need it’s a lot ofstuff but I’ll just show you so we havetwo bowls to mix your ingredients andthen you need like one or two bakingsheetsit’s a parchment paper you can also usespray instead of parchment paper andthen you need some like cups measuringcups to measure we do like a half a cupa cup and a quarter cup but you canfigure out the fractions I’ll help youwe have a spoon a teaspoon and then wehave some salt some sugar brown sugarflour baking soda vanilla two sticks ofbutter eggs and of course chocolatechips okay so the first thing that wehave to do obviously is wash our handsso make sure you scrub sing happybirthday twice and wash your hands okayyou guys are definitely gonna want toask your parents for help with this onecuz you need to use the oven sodefinitely ask your parents for help andthey can help you with the oven takingthings in and out and we’ll preheat theoven to 375so you bake start so that while the ovenis preheating let’s start baking thecookies okay first you’re gonna want toput all the dry ingredients in a bowl sowe have two and a quarter cups of flourso you can use your finger to balance itout so we have one cuptwo Cubs here we goand our quarter-cup so if you only havea quarter cup four quarters makes onewhole Cup and if you only have a half ofthe cup then two pops makes one wholeCupso okay so next you’re gonna want to putit into the dry ingredients bowl whereyou already put your flour a teaspoon ofbaking soda balance that out make sureit’s baking soda and not baking powderokay so you put your teaspoon of bakingsoda in there and you want to put ateaspoon of salt in there so I have mysalt and here we go and then the nextthing you’re gonna want to do is take aspoon and mix those dry ingredientstogether okayokay so the next thing you’re gonna wantto do is put your dry ingredients to theside and you’re gonna start mixing yourwet ingredients so you have two sticksof butter and it’s actually supposed tobe softened butter so you’re gonna putthese in the microwave for a little bitand soften them up you usually like 30or 45 seconds you do not want them allmelted but just a little squishy okayokay so here’s a quick fun tip all thebutters in the microwave after you’redone using one of your ingredients youcan put it back in the cupboard so thatway you can clean off your workspace asyou’re working and it makes it much moreorganized so you can figure out whatyou’re doing okay so this is what yourbutters gonna look like after it’ssoftened see how they’re still chunks init but it’s definitely softer so you canstir it up so you’re gonna want to pourthat into a fresh bowl so you’re gonnawant to continue with your wetingredients so in the bowl that you putyour butter in you’re gonna want to dothree-quarters of a cup of sugar now wehave a half of a cup here should be 1/2of a cup so you have 1/2 of a cup youput it in there and then switch you do aquarter cup and so a quarter cup plus ahalf of a cup equals 3/4 of a cup ok sothen you put that in thereand then in the same bowl that you putyour butter and your sugar you’re gonnawant to put brown sugar and you’re gonnaput the same amount of brown sugar thatyou put regular sugar so once again youhave a quarter cup you scoop a quartercup you put it in and then you take yourhalf of a cup you scoop it and you putit in and that makes three-quarters of acup it looks like next your wetingredients Bowl where you have thesugars and the butter you’re gonna wantto put a teaspoon of vanilla if you haveyour vanilla pretty spoon sometimes ifyou’re a little nervous pouring you canpour the vanilla in the teaspoon overthe sink and then you could pour it inthere you go so put that in okay okayso the next thing you’re gonna want todo is mix those wet ingredients togetherso the butter the sugars remember knowyou want to get it all mixed out okay soafter it’s all mixed this is what itshould look like okay and then one at atime you’re gonna add one egg and thenyou’re gonna stir it up so it mixes inokay so after you mix it in that firstegg excited again and what you don’twant to do is get shells in it so ifyou’re having trouble cracking your eggscrack them in a little Bowl first tomake sure you don’t get any shells andthen you can pour the egg into your wetbowl okay and then you want to stirthose out once you have all your wetingredients all mixed together you wantto go back you’re drying greens bowl andstart pouring it in so you can pour itin little by little so you can pour alittle bit in like that and then youwant to stir it up so all the mixestogether okay so once you have all ofthose ingredients mixed together itshould look like this big mixture andthen you’re gonna want to add yourchocolate chipsadd about two cups of chocolate chipsput them in there you want to fold themin so that’s one cup okay so this iswhat it should look like when you haveall your chocolate chips and everythingfold it together and then you’re donemaking your dough and you want to startforming new york so you’re gonna want toput parchment paper over your bakingsheets you only need one baking sheetbut I’m gonna use two and then you’regonna want to make a little ball ofcookie dough okayand you’re gonna line them up and youdon’t want to make them too closetogether I’ll show you what it lookslike after I’m done making the ballsyou’re all done this is what your bakingsheet should look like see how they’renot too close together you should evenbe a little bit further apart and thenwe’re gonna put them in the oven okay soyou’re gonna come in the oven you’regonna want to ask your parents for helpset your kitchen timer for nine minutesokay but the key here is you’re gonnawant to keep checking on them before thenine minutes is up because you want totake them out when they’re a little bitundercooked and have them bake the restof the way on the baking sheet and aquick special guest this is my kittyLuna and that’s who is meowing in thelast clipshe likes to ruin videos I guess shewants to go outside okay so these onesare smells a little undercooked yeahthese are so little on your hook so youwant to put them back in and let themcover a minute long in about almostready to be taken out okay so let’scheck on that up okay so see how there’sstill a little undercookedbut not bad and the bottoms are prettyBrown we’re gonna let the rep then bakethey’re on their trees for a littlewhile cuz you don’t want to overcookthem because then they won’t be softafter like a couple minutes okayso let them cook on your trees don’ttouch them becausereally hot and make sure you have yourparents help you take them out of theoven because they’re very hot okay okayso after they’re all baked on the sheetyou want to tick them off and put themon a drying rack to cool off and you cando that with a spatula and be carefulbecause the credi could still be prettyhot so thank you guys for watching thatis how you make chocolate chip cookiesand I hope you guys have a really goodday make sure you wash your hands beforeand after you do this and ask yourparents for help[Music]you[Music]

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