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making cookies w/ margaret || quarantining w callie ep. one!!

hi guys,
so today margaret anne and i made some cookies!! in this vid we baked the cookies, made tiktoks, and more tehe!!

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bye, thanks for watching !

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys so I look really rear and Ilook so bad okay so today I’m atMargaret Ann’s house oh oh no oh no 6feet apart are you gonna give me waitwe’re gonna quarantine together it’s funso we’re gonna make some brownies andyeah it’s gonna be really fun and then Ilike stub my tip it’s fine so let’s gomake some brownies[Music][Music]so the long reading we’re going to makethe tip top because we’re bored andthere’s like five minutes choice rightso yeah[Music]cookies are ready they’re kind of minibut it’s okaynow we’re gonna get some milk so yeah sowe got our cookies Veatch got threebecause we deserve so many cookies it’slike all this hard work to win on anyoneyeah just like the small one and then tolike normal size we’re gonna like eatthem and maybe I’ll show us eating thembut it’s gonna be pretty boring we’rejust gonna eat and talk so yeah so wefinished our cookies it’s been a goodtwo minutes yeah good I didn’t finish mymilk but it’s fineso um yeah thank you all for watchingand I’m gonna make an 82 video probablytomorrow doing online school withMargaret and it’s just gonna be reallyfun so for that I feel like this if youdidn’t don’t do anything because ya callme your favorite food okay okay also gofollow my tech-talk Callie and violaokay I

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