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Bake With Me/How to Make Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe
I hope you learned something while watching this video. Thank you for watching!! Want more videos like this? Comment what you want me to make next. 🙂

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

Hey so I’m gonna be making cookies todaywhoolet’s play the music and get started[Music]okay so I now have everything that Ineed check check check check now we getthe baking[Music][Music]so so far we have mixed all the dryingredients I have not yet added thebutter because it’s still cooling butonce the butter is done cooling I willadd it to this mixture[Music]eggs in the vanilla that I just whippedtogether whisk together whatever thecorrect term is I’m gonna add it to thisonce I mix all that up when the butteris put in I just realized that ruled outthe wrong flourwhile we’re waiting I’m gonna get theflower together that way we don’t haveto wait is long four cups and one-thirdor flower[Music]so I think the butter is done now andthe butter is now good so I’m going togo ahead and put it in[Music]

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