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Attempting to make Cookies without a Recipe.

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Video Transcription

what’s going on everybody today we aregonna be cooking some chocolate chipcookies without a recipe so I have donethis before with the recipe and just I’mreally bad at baking I’ve never beenable to make imperfect chocolate chipcookie so today I’m feeling confidentI’m gonna do with an ounce a recipe allright so first things first let’s go tothe ingredients got some light brownsugar we got some imperial butter we gotsome baking powder we have one egg wehave to measure cups we have this boilthe all-purpose flour we have thesepencils and have two bowls with a blendin the dry ingredients and I think weneed white sugar I said we don’t yeahsureall right so[Music][Music][Music]we gotta open up some light brown sugar[Music]why so we got the white brown sugar thesugar in the flour baking powder doesn’thave a dry I mess up I need a spoon howmuch power so next we’re gonna take thisthing whisk it all togethercome in close whisk it all together yousee I know you’re supposed to separatewet and dry ingredients but I’m not surecookies so we’re just gonna mix that alltogether and let it you know but it nextwe’re gonna do the weigh-ins so firstlet’s take our name all right bad boyinto that bowl now we take somevegetable oil[Music]the butter the butter so I think Fargo’sin the wet somewhere so you take somebutter come put it in the microwavedoes it need to be stopped it one minuteone minute but I know the butter comesback so I’m gonna take it out about 20seconds all right so we’re just gonnathrow that butter into the wetingredients just like that just likethat all right so we’re gonna use thisone does that takeit’s that hardening a so when you don’tthat I believe it should have like anice creamy texture and then all you’regonna doto the dry ingredients so get it let’sget a close-up on this ringing it’s niceand close so she’ll look like bananapudding I’m sure they would pour it inthere all we’re going to do is just stirthis upI believe we stirred up so oh we forgotone ingredient put it on me please whatdo we put on you keep mixing it homethis mix that all upso bring it in bring it in close readingclose I believe this is the texture it’ssupposed to be yeahso after that I stone with your handsand it’s kind of wet but I’m not sure soI’m gonna put a little bit more flourlike I said a little bit more flour justgo back in with those handskeep pushing all right so if you couldzoom in on this I think we made thedough does it put it on me pleaseI think you made the dough you know it’skind of like play-doh to be honest withthe recipe I’ve never done it this goodI think it’s time you know we gotta go[Music]we’re going to do six[Music]or an update you guys cookies are a upin in there but five about five minutesand another update cookies are startingto flatten out alright you guys so didsomething good to me I think I made somesuccessful chocolate chip so the cookiesare out and to be honest[Music]they look pretty good I mean they aren’tfalling apart they aren’t like cupcakesor cake so my brother’s gonna try one socome on in take a bite all right goodgoodthese are actually pretty good look athim walk away with what what would yourate the cookies I mean he’s still overhereeven one so what would you eat braid itsix a six you just said a seven so aftertasting these cookies this is the bestI’ve ever done without a recipe Isuccessfully made some goodchocolate-chip cookies and I’m gonnawrite them like a seven and a halfthat’ll be the end of the video thankyou for watching

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