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How to make Vegan Banana Cookies (only 4 ingredients!!)


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Video Transcription

hi we’re making we’re making biggiebanana cookies making this up quarantinethis is very simple for ingredientsmaybe five I don’t know very sad sothere’s gonna be all over the placebecause I’m not trying to getcopyrighted for the audio and we’retrying to live in the momentalso Nicole Miller are making cinnamonrolls if they perfected their the arethe ingredients we’ll need two extremelyripe bananas all right they get so sweetyou don’t even have to put sugar in factno not juice cup of flour 1/2 teaspoonof baking powder unless you have selfrising flour already also the recipes inthe description you’re already here soyou might as well watch before you go tothe grocery store and buy it also I’msorry about the accents to have it bestyou got appear the really disgusting Roybananas you can mash them in the kitchenor you can mash them by your bed withyour two beautiful cats under the starsof the galaxyalright I’m done just just just mashthem in the kitchen please Oh angelicyou look okay back to the kitchen wishyou could use some of these hungrymakes it back 350 Hydra bananas in thatchoice unless you add vanilla not usedto the bananas which is the proper wayof actually doing it because we’resupposed to put the bananas in themixing bowl and linked with the almondmilk in but that doesn’t matter that wasa lot I’m sorry it makes that with yourflap with your flowerhey you pop it then mix it make me I’msaying the cool accent that makes a factyou can actually try the batter orwhatever it’s called because it’s veganso you won’t get salmon now salmonsalmon salmon onto your baking sheetquarter minnow or before so well 10 to15 minutes apparently but I’m gonna do13 because that’s a nice piece okaywe’re putting them in the ovenboom and now we wait look at themthey’re just sitting there all you gotto do now is just wait a little bit forthem to cool for them to cool down andthen you believe them son no I don’tself-love is important okay[Music]I’m in a plastic container put them awayif you have a habit of eating all themat once just like me cheese wait waitpop you enjoyed it I know it’s veryshort I know it was very fast but nowI’m just gonna record whatever happensto them and there’s cinnamon cinnamonstuff so you guys enjoyed it leave theinside bye why cuz im a pro baker gottaget dirty[Music]what so explain the process my life saidthat this is what you do see look lookyeah so you just like we’re using flossI don’t know if it’s gonna make it meantto here or some things like we haven’teven made the glaze yeah oh you knowwhatwhy are they so big but no bet they’renot the first thing that we baked I meanis not terrible[Music][Applause][Music][Music]

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