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Making cookies (FAIL) | Amerie x Rae

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Video Transcription

hello guys welcome back to my Channeltoday I’m making cookiesso the cookie that I’m making is peanutbutter cookies and I made you beforethat didn’t turn out with real good whenthey came out of the ovenoh I’m gonna get this is only threereasons which is really cool and I washmy hands like you gonna get one cup ofpeanut butter with your future Emorythere’s a few hundred but cookies notturn out well but you’ll try to putcheese or tops or baking stuff so yeah[Music]I can click on the sides and thedifferent spots I don’t think this isexactly[Music]so I did one sugar I mean one cup ofsugar kind of mix it all together and wehave this because I don’t drive verymuch when doesn’t this[Music]and now I’m going to get the cookiedough and I’m gonna roll it into ballsfor 350 and I’ll just put them in andit’s hard holding a camera and thecookies but I’m doing it and the doorisn’t open okay so the cookies are in[Music]throwing my I took you right nowI really hope to turn out there becauseit isn’t so good so yeah hope you likethis video please subscribe like commentand press bugs every time I wasunification but it hope you had a greatday bye[Music]

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