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Video Transcription

hey everyone it’s Yogi from Yogi’s vegantreats and in today’s video I’m going tobe showing you how I shape and bake mycookies now I don’t know about you guysbut me personally I love a close toperfect cookie like that almost perfectcircle I really look forward to then acookie I don’t know why but I just do soif that is you then I’m gonna be showingyou how to achieve that and also howthey tasteokay so there’s just a few things you’regoing to need and of course a pan I’musing a larger pan because I have a lotof cookie dough you can use any size itreally just depends on you know how manycookies you’re making and then I’m goingto use a tablespoon now initially Iwould use a ice cream scoop or however Idon’t have an ice cream scooper at themoment so I’m going to use this becauseit’s round and it gives that scoopeffect and that’s what you really wantif you don’t have either or you can usea regular spoon but it just doesn’t givethat same effect because it is flatinstead of like that round scoop kind ofthing and then you’re going to need acookie cutter I got a bunch of them offAmazon for really really cheap and youcan find some at Walmart or you know oneof those kind of stores I’m pretty surethey haveand then lastly you’re going to needcookie dough of course now here I havechocolate chip cookie dough vegan andoatmeal raisin and this bowl so I madethe dough and then I separated them andmade them their own cookie flavorsalright so let’s get started alrightguys so we’re gonna go in with ourspoonful[Music]cookie dough hop this much and we’regoing to hear I’m gonna scoot this overso you guys can see more and we’re gonnaplop it right in a little add a littlebit more let’s make it a little biteasier to spreadand then we’re going to just Pat it downa little bit now okay you don’t want toPat it down too much because cookiesalready flattened when they’re in theoven so you don’t want it to go andalready flat you just want to help moldthe shape so this is what this is doingit’s helping mold the shape and thenwe’re going to take it off Wow there youhave like the most perfect cookie almostit’s literally like a perfect shape I’mreally trying to get those angles foryou guys and we’re going to go in withanother you’re just gonna keep doingthis until you feel the patan[Music]all right everyone so the cookies aredone I want to show you guys the finalproducts of these perfectly shapedcookies we have oatmeal raisin andchocolate chip and I’ve already startedeating one this is what I have leftbecause it was so amazing like amazing[Music][Music]guys these are veganif you guys want these on the site letme know comment below do you want theseon the site and I will put them on thesite because these are amazing anyways Ihope that this video was fun and helpsyou guys I can’t give you guys myrecipes but I can show you cute littlethings like that so if you guys wouldlike to see more of that let me know andI will definitely be doing more of thesevideos thanks so much for watching[Music]

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