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Cooking! Reese’s Break-And-Bake Cookies

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Video Transcription

gourmet with Kim a alright it’s time toknow how would you why would you be ableto not eat it oh we’re in it about aninch apart maybe two depending on themouth how you feelingand then yeah Bob mid did you wash yourhandsyes and you say okay google set timerfor eight minutes google never listen tome okay okay okay no more timer has somesmall some big some medium-sized digsthat’s key to the recipes letting my hotair out kids um helps the fans taketheir full form see what happened tothis Eminem so what happens if you stickyour hand too far in the ovenOh get all handsy and forgot theircookies look at those cuties mark she’sgone touch him again he hates on theirwebsite now as you can see pretty hotit’d be like cool it’s not surprisinglythe M&Ms are still almost cold but Ithink it’s cuz they’re so hot as you cansee the golden perfection all righthere’s the moment of truth[Laughter][Music]good luck we’re gonna sashay awayyou disrespect

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