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Making cookies with my brother and my neighbor

What are you expecting except for cookies 🍪.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]yeah yeah did you pick it up but we gotthis what are this is we hasn’t made youa chance so much organ cookies butnobody said that Jax told you put it inhere yeahoh just a container see your old best by10 10 of 2019 oh it’s fine[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah huh you knowobviously studentsokay well I’m gonna have to cut out abunch of things in this video if I cando itit looks so yummy SHhhhI always want to die it’s so yummy and Ithink we need one more water[Music]Cuba’s graphics this is but it doesn’tmatter the 320 PS I’m talking about yourhouse that I’m packing out[Music][Music]okay now we’re gonna put we’re gonnablast this in the freezer for 30 minutesI’m gonna see you then epic boy I’m inwicked okay we’re only gonna make itmany people don’twe’re only gonna make it enough for thisone and then the rest we’re gonna saveit for tomorrow cuz I’m gonna brew leavein the fridge like the right way youknow so we’re just gonna make enough forthis because you never know he’s gonnaend this my cookies death game Jamie’smotherokay that’s to me I mean I’ve never beenkissed imagination me and workit’s a me nuts is a man who is not theItalian killer if the red hats with theM on it it worksmm-hmm then you will happen you tomonetize video clean your hair reallycutechar view 3 I think you guys go back sixyears ago you guys should I need to showyou this picture it’s beautiful alrightdo you never have to show this to youwell that many said that it’s so cuteit’s okay readylook at this wow I really like oh nothat’s insulting meyeah Wow and I’m just standing thereacting like woah I’m never gonna see youso cute mom interesting that’s how longyou guys have known each other look atthat[Music][Music]all right okay I’m gonna skip I’m gonnawash my ass I’m gonna cut you spread outyour stomach done it’s the power ofenergy we’ll just make it look cool butreally no 70 minutes so they’re confusedtoo big yes yep okay and tighter newenvironment Wow Saturday I’m just a daylater because this idiot I am I wasn’table to record – with cookies so prettymuch sure they are right okay this is aday laughter we actually like put themin the oven I don’t have any footage ofthem except for this pretty much looksgorgeous it tasted it tastes like justjust a cookie actually I kept sayingyesterday looks good and I guess that’sit for this video sorry for the photo IDable to do this alright hope you guyshave fun stay safe and I will see you inthe next[Applause][Music]

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