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Making cookies from Cookie Dough ice cream

For years I’ve asked myself if you could make cookings from cookir dough ice cream? I found out making them was possible!!


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Video Transcription

Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice creamis it deliciousyes do we all love having it yes do weall feel bad once we finish a tub Iwould say safe to say yes sometimes Idon’t sometimes I do but today we’re nothere to ask if we feel bad once wefinish a tub of Ben and Jerry’s cookiedough ice cream we’re here to ask canyou actually make cookies from thecookie dough pieces in Ben and Jerry’scookie dough ice cream now this has beensomething which has been on my mind foryou know I’d say the best part of fiveyears or so roughly like that I’vealways been curious when I’ve eatenthose chunks if they are actually legitlike cookie dough that you could makeinto cookies now I feel like they wouldneed to be otherwise that’s just falseadvertising on bed and jerry’s front andif that’s the case then they should beashamed of themselvesbut part of me was always just a littlebit like is it what is it actually legitcookie dough ice cream because it couldhave just been made to taste similar tocookie dough ice cream it could havebeen made to have had the same textureas cookie dough ice cream but throughfood magic it’s not actually real-lifecookie dough so today I’m gonna test itbut first I’m gonna need to go and get aload of ice cream so off to the shops socurrently on the way to Tesco to getsome ice cream I’m not really sad howmany tubs I’m gonna get I’m thinkinglike four maybe a good number becausethere’s not really a lot of cookie doughin each tub so I’m thinking one isprobably gonna be enough to beYOU knowfor one okay size cookie so I think fouris gonna be the right amount so we’lljust see what they’ve gotgrab those tubs get on home and uh yeahtrying to try and make some cookie doughcookiesand we could look at that cookie dieperfect and there’s a ton and it’s onoffer this is a good day although Idon’t have enough hands so we going forperfect yum-yum so much cookie dough yumyumI think four will be enough do you thinkfour be enough do you think fours enoughI think four will be enough well we’lljust have to see how many cookies we getif we don’t get enough cookies we’lljust have to get more but for now Ithink four is a good starting point sowe were successful first shop you wentuntil you managed to get all the cookiedough ice cream we needed now we justgotta get back get rid of the ice creamso you just got the cookie dough leftwhich I’m quite looking forward to thisis like prime quarantine for where rightnow life doesn’t get any better thanthis so what my plan is is I’m gonna gofor the full-oneat my way to the cookie dough approachever on the other hand though you’regonna do a mixture of eating ice creamand then saving ice cream for later I’vegot a bowl here so what we can do is iswhen we find bits of cookie dough we putthem in the bowl and in between us weshould hopefully get quite a few piecesof cookie dough quite quickly Simbaisn’t gonna be assisting he’s just acurious cat you go top number two Ithink it’s three tops might be enough tobe fair I feel like I’ve had a goodamount of cookie dough in this tub likeI wouldn’t have been upset with it atall but definitely towards the bottomand a lot less cookie dough it sells youa dream at the start of the tub and thenas you get lower lower lower this isless and less and less the more you getinto it the more kind of sad you get thefact that you’ve just eaten a whole tubof ice cream so if anything it shouldget better as you get lower to stop thatfeeling from happening but the fact forme is that I’ve got a con I’ve got threecores on the way down and then there’sno cookie dough at all so the quality ofit has deteriorated I feel a bitdepressed I’m just eating a whole typeof ice cream I dunnoI’ll tell you what I do nowmaking cookie with the cookie dough andthis is how much cookie dough we got soas you can see we’ve got quite decentbowls full-sized of it to be fairI thought this is probably going to behow much we were gonna get from all fourtubs but this is only from three sothat’s good well I definitely maybelooks like more from the extra ice creamthat’s in there but what we’re gonna donow is chuckle this in a sieve run somehot water over it get rid of all of theice cream and then we can take a look athow much cookie dough we really have nowI’m a little bit concerned that there’snot a huge amount there like itdefinitely looked like there was a lotmore in the bowl I still think it’s okayfor us to save the other ice cream tuband just work with this for now it’s notreally as much as I would like it to belike that the minute looks like the sizeof a decent cookie on its own right whatI’m gonna do is squidge this alltogether see how big the cookie is andthen probably make it into two so thenwe’ve got two cookies in total eventhough there’ll be two smaller cookiesjust try them and see how that is I’malso gonna preheat the oven now we’regonna chuck it on to 180 degreesoptimal cookie cooking temperature formthese up into cookies get them in theoven bake them for a little bit and thenhopefully we can have some official Benand Jerry’s cookies hmm I’m a little bitconcerned about how squidgy they arethey’ve probably taken on a lot ofmoisture from when we wash them in thesink earlier so I’m actually gonna leavethem on the greaseproof paper just tearup so it’s a little bit smaller and thenpop that into the oven once it’s all upto temperature[Music]all right the oven is heated up ourcookies are ready to go so let’s justchuck them in and then see what we get[Music]smells like khakis let’s have a littlelook at what we’ve got hey there – youlook pretty good they’ve both gone a lotbigger the right one especially it’sgotten a lot bigger and they look prettymuch perfect ready to come out rightokay cool let’s do let’s just get himout I am so excited for this if thisworks I’m such a scientistOh smells like cookie in there look thatis pretty impressive they actually looklike legit cookies I guess is what Ishould have been expecting really butthey actually look really good and theysmell really good from the smell likecookies the chocolate looks like it’slike melted the perfect amount whoaright what we need to do let these cooloff a little bit I guess get a littleglass of milk then as well to dip theminto and then just try and enjoy thesecookies and hopefully they they tastegood[Music][Music]milk and cookie oh wow it looks like areal cookie it’s a real boy oh let meget mine in your mine oh actually lookslegit done it looks like a proper cookieI forget how good milk just tastes likeon its own CheersI’m just lubricating my mouth get moregot very much greenness that’s a goodcookie mmm yum yum is by far the mostexpensive quickly I’ve had though wellthey were usually a tub is five poundseach so each of these cookies is aboutseven pounds fifty but that’s good doughI’m happy with thatvery well done mmm it’s a good dunkervery good dankeI’m not to be a pig just eat it allright now mmm YUM so there we go you canindeed take the bits of cookie doughfrom Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough icecream and make cookies would I recommenddoing it yes is this a new way to eatcookie dough ice cream potentially ifyou would rather you know have a bit offuneat the ice cream and make cookiesafterwards then by all means be my guestit’s really quite that easy to do I betyour idea was good though I think havethe cookie save the ice cream and theneat the cookie with the ice cubeafterwards are they now’s a good shoutthere we gomyth busted thank you very much forwatching remember to like and subscribeit doing that good stuff and I’ll seeyou in another video stay fresh

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