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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]hold upMako’s collide[Music]perfecthello everyone I don’t know why I saidthat laughs I was on the phone let merinse it and we’ll commence this virtualvideo if she answers I’m excited forthis onehello yeah it is the 28th of April 2020and we still thought um now we won’t beenough I’ll bet those two weeks cut yeahwe’re back with another virtual videoand we’re getting a bit used to itbecause it comfortable with it I said inthe blog when we’ve looked the otherweek which by the way has come in thisthat with the next video it’s like asummary of what we’ve been up to overthe last week or so I said I’m reallyused to virtual video as a cover welcomeyeah verytoday’s video is something that we’vebeen banging on about Megan for weeksnow and no better time to do it than inlockdown because I’ve been doing this alot recently and also I’ve heard a lotof you guys something that you wanted tostart this and you have started this andMolly has just recently started doingthis and that is scrapbooking we arepeople who like to cherish momenthoarders thousands of photos sittingaround me there will be scrapbook chestof drawers up in the house and a motorand then a beautiful photo box yeah Iwas looking through that photo albumsthat my mom and dad have and I was likeyou can’t but it’s similar but scraptogether like is your own like your owntake on it L is actually gonna beatbacon sittin here at scrapbooking but weare gonna start off by showing you someof the scrapbooks we have so we startedback in when we usein 2013 2013 lasers and actually I’dlike to I just take some grade-a eyesyou’d come up with thisso it was l16 quiet at home and I waslike what do I get my best friend forher birthday so I made her a scrapbookmyself and our friend someone at thetime oh we would make a scrapbookcut up a memory but we didn’t reallyknow what the vibe was neither of us hadone I just said I thought that L blogbit she’s very into capture moments andlook I put my heart and soul into thisbookyeah this started way back to else Lstart a lot earlier than minded Icarried on doing this and I just foundit like so therapeutic this bookfinishes like as we started g-tubereally so it goes on for a few years andyeah I just kind of fell in love with itI was like a hobby and then for yourbirthday xx xx much funnier she alwaysdid make the scrapbook and I was likeit’s kind of not the same starting yourown yeah wait so is it so is it just itwas one of the things I was super busyat the time I think I’m the new new andyou made me this so call it I love ditchdug up that’s ten pages for me I’m likewhat I just fell but was one of thethings that I just never got round toI’ve always collected everything and Iwas saying this with my stories recentlythat I have all these boxes which by theway little tips and tricks as we goalong I’ll tell you random little booksjust stash everything I’ve got concerttickets in here that go back years sonow I’m I’m kind of backtrack in whichwill see through this video if you guysare only just starting it now and dothat highlights from the last few yearsbut don’t worry about like trying to getit all because it’s more about thatquote you obviously got that so much tocome hopefullyweddings babies it’s gonna be so nice tolook back but I’ve currently gotthree books you will see two kind ofdifferent versions else obviously veryin-depth with her mine I had too muchtime in Vienna mine’s kind of skimmedthe surface I’ve got the one that I’vegot three I’ve got one that’s ready in apacket which a lot of people saying tonewbie of us at places to go firescrubbers which we will talk aboutthroughout got a book that is kind ofcontinuing on from when I was 20 I’vegot a book which my boyfriend got melast year and I might show little bitsthat but that is an obscure book whichis kind of just dedicated to us too sothat is another little present idea yeahI see it sweet the other dad it was likedon’t buy your boyfriend a scrap butthey don’t want it no boys learned somuch like I don’t think they sit andreminisce that girl’s not as likeaffectionate as girls but I thinkobviously if your boyfriend’s back intoyou he’s not gonna not like it you justmight not sit there and do it yeah butkind of maybe drop hints – oh boy Fredthought I didn’t have to drop hints tomy boyfriend I’m gonna l did to him letme a scrapbook I was literally like thatI’ll show you in a bit but I’m all aboutmaterialistic things that obviously it’snice to have some certain things but Ithink it’s it’s like there’s nothingmore important than remembering thatPierre such a place every day not thebest cards or the handmade ones I’m Samand this is all of my favorite toys ohyespicking fruit and then you’re gonnacarry on doing it I’m actually gonnamake some cookies so if you here for thecookies okay if you’re here for thescrapbooks cute yeah both yeah somethings in these books have changed but Ithink it’s nice to look but some peopleare they’re people that they getpictures and rip them up when thingschange I’d rather say to my kids likemommy had three boyfriends yeah life isabout experience you know things changepeople drain like I said it starts atlike 16 and there’s a lot of like schoolones you need to catch up on prom Ohmr. crumb like yeah but little thingslike having things that flap around and3d things I think is what makes it stillgot like around and page with nothing onit as well but it’s the imperfectionsthat make here this page as when westarted doing some merchandise and wewent to Manchester the first time alsojust little things like this wedding andwe got given little tissues and I kepthere it’s just holding things until youwant to put them in a place and see yeahthis book ends with our YouTube and I’mpretty sure on the last page it saysthat we got 50k subscribers which iscrazy so we both wrote a little messagein the start of our scrapbooks which youdon’t have to do it and base it’s niceto kind of stay in that message thatwhere you’re at that time to Ehlert’syou said in this that we just startedyou as I’m writing this we have juststarted YouTube we have 5,000subscribers and I’m so proud of us thankyou for inspiring and pushing me to doit I know we’re going to slay the worldI’m so excited stick together if you’redoing it for a boyfriend your partneryou kind of be like I love making thiswe’ve got a baby on the way but mine’s alittle bit different because I made itand I guess maybe Shawn and I make alittle bit difference how I don’t hurtus but she kind of went to when I wasborn which is not there’s so manydifferent ways you can do it and we bothhave this little thing where there’s theodd picture that will you’ll do likesparkly borders it just adds a littlebit of depth into the first so thisstarts off with baby Sydney May and thenthere’s some pictures that with my momand my granddad and then it kind of thenjumps to when at that time where without I guess this is when we were thefestivals having Polaroids guys Maisiebut if you don’t have a Polaroid you canget them printed on like paper thatmakes it look like they’re on themthere’s so many websites so we use freeprints we’ll put information in thedescription box not an ads by the waybut you get like 50 free prints a monthand then you can just pay for deliveryand also to add on more than 50 printsis like 5pf print so you never spendmore than like a tenner on like hundredsand hundreds of pictures I do have theodd page where I had pictures so this ispictures from Elle’s 18 and I was likeaw damn it it kind of sucks into thistimeframe so basically if you just ripup one of the pages then you can getsome ribbon and kind of feed it throughso don’t worry if you do miss certainstages of your life forever there’s allkind of the stuff that held on stickingconcert tickets on top yeah so this pageis quite cool you don’t have to do thisso basically like I said I backtrackedand I was a bit overwhelmed with theamount of so I’m really good at holdingstuff but I’ve got no organization to itoh my god I went to about 400 concertsin two years so I basically just madelike a double spread of concert ticketsI think it looks quite cool let’s seehow that are back in the front so I’mgonna stick them fully down so they’reall kind of flap here and yeah justturned it through these and the memoriesjust flooding and looking at these ontheir own just stopped random things toremind me that I’ve got to do them pagesI use a lot of sellotape I like to tellI take some reason I think it makes itlook a bit like rustic yeah we have likethe glittery tape as well yeah havinglike these pens are so good because theyshow up on deck they’re paint pens onblack pages silver and gold look reallynice obviously you can get white pagesand bright in different colors but thereis something a bit more scrapbookingabout that isn’t that in starting mysecond book and I’ve just put the yearthere it starts and um there’s a littleexample this is our driving instructorGlen who last year really happythe way but we have that to remember himthousand eighteen our 21st best partyever and you can see I’ve mounted theinfamous picture of us on the flowerwall on some glitter actually got a lotbetter in this book as it goes on thecreativeness came out a little bit moreyeah as you go along you’ll you’llrealize the techniques that you like touseso recently we actually went to HolyCross and this was really recently sothis stuff will all still be in stock Iknow it’s really hard to look down atmoment but just type in this stuff onAmazon they’re probably doing AmazonPrimeI’ve got this glitter book and basicallyit’s just pages and pages of colorfulglitter if you can let you stick it downor cut yourself out stick it down andthen cut out the board around there I’vegot colorful like holographic pages justplain color have even but when I havetoo much time on my cut out words inglitter like that is a little bit sad atlife but the black the effect that ithas put in tickets down just make I loveseeing boarding passes take it sound alittle token I remember when this is fora muchly I went to watch my uncle runthe marathon a couple years going brightand I’m wheels on the slot machines soI’ve got this little open yeah it’slittle tokens from la Santa Monica Pierand Brett’s Clara’s there but it wasjust this random little fortune-tellingmachine and it gave you a little ticketand yeah I just was like that’s cute andwe go to events I keep the littlenametags and stuff that we get given youthink that’s not too heavy and big Ijust know that it was slop right in I’lljust show you these last couple pagesand then I’m just going to start bakingbecause otherwise the video is gonna bethree hours and one of my favoritesMiami last year and with the Polaroidsand it’s just even like the picture ofthe bathroom is remembering it and thenit goes on to here sit and Molly comeover happenthe myth of these pages is actually crythis is the Bahamas a trip I will neverforget and it took me quite a long timeto get so many pictures on one page butone thing that I do as well as print alot of stuff quite small because you canjust kind of layer it on top of eachother so just cutting stuff out cuttingsections of photos I’ve got a hotel roomcard they even got the little wristbandthat you had to wear in theall-inclusive that was in the middleactually falling out I need to stick itback in but I’m gonna bring you downslightly just so you can see what I’mdoingI am backtracking so my book kind ofstops mid 2018 when we went to LA andluckily I have about 4,000 pictures fromour first trip to LA so that’s what I’mgonna stop doing now compute absque wrapthat is having your own spin on it sodon’t sit there trying to let screenswait on screen too in this videothinking oh my god it’s got to be likethey’ve done itI was even Joan said this earlier Imessed up a page on jaws a pain yeah andI was re doing and then you know I kindof got over it and I actually been methe exact moment I saw I would like huhyeah just that’s another memory ofreally I’ve just got a random cookierecipe offline by the way guys I’m gonnadrop some off to his doorstep because mymom’s gonna shout at me for thinkingmore normal that you can’t wait I’m soglad to make you more so this is theamount of pictures I’ve got from onetrip to LA so obviously I’m not gonnaput all of these in the scrapbookotherwise it will take up the rest ofthe burp I’m gonna flip for her and seewhat ones make the car it’s for mygraduation when I went to LA so we justah my own graduation hooks obviously Iwant that in there but to be fair it’sgonna be hard to know right now I thinkmy technique is kind of the ones thatyou want to keep for size six down firstyou’ll just end up like layer in themand then I might cut round-trip journeya mile then I might let our bodies thatoverlap the corner of the main picturethan us when it starts to give it likedepthyeah trythat no gaps I would say one of thequestions on here is what do you stickyour pictures down with I have cleartape at the moment I’ve got pret sticksand stuff then I do have glitter tapeall of this stuff we have got fromprobably craft but you can let you typein glitter tape or an Amazon like I saidI’ve got like stick one letters whichare like three days everybody cool soI’ll grab an Ellen and a out of there Ilike to write little comments likelittle quotes we say or just somethingthat we said that was funny that day orpeople’s names that I’d like to get whenI rolled our made them really moist mylife like a Kiwi got sent a hotelshuttle that I’ve been holed up and Ilike to come to do more thing the khakiit’s not that long ago in our that ahthose all up so also got these from alittle Valentine’s PR this from aChristmas PR we’ve just been doing thispage for like two minutes and this isalready work done and it just shows byhaving like the odd little suppliershello babyso that’s where we stay for memory andthen me and L didn’t la sign you want tosee my love yeah I love it as you willnever regret making a scrapbook that’snot if you do make them as well cuz I’dloved it like this would inspire peopleto do it oh yeah literally send us yourpictures if you are doing them this iswhat the dough is looking like soundslike you’re gonna say I’m the chop upsome onions it just hit different whenyou’re putting memories down with like areally good time if you’re feeling alittle bit down on maybe just do thisand only print out good memories kind ofalmost on so that just shows you howquick you can get first cut book but tobring it to life I’ve obviously got thislittle ticket that L said that she hadto and it just adds a little bit of thatsomething other than pictures makes itreally cute and I’m just gonna sit downthe edge because you can actually braidon the back the fortune that I got toldso if I ever want to look backthere’s so many things that I would haveforgotten if I didn’t document it I willgive you a glass of my one that myboyfriend got me just cuz it’s reallycute but I’m not gonna I don’t think I’mnot sure inside just because it’s quitepersonal this is the birth and it justsays like aa story I just startedfilling it with memories that I justwatched it he just doesn’t ready get heyoh you put a lot more in than I thoughtand I’m right you know because I’m agirl this is panic printed on I’ll scraplet’s start there just from that hobbycraft door I think you can even getscrapbooks in enough can you get backscrapbooks in the same prison stuffGoogle’s amazing happens and you mighteven better you won’t get to do some ofit alright for Chuck and you’re not hotlike to it’s absolutely unbelievableoh can you do it up now I’m going myglitter tape around some edges just tomake it a little bit more fancywell this page it’s unreal Nikki thattook me what 10 minutes oh my god I loveitI started with two flat ones the restare kind of hot out that round there’s alittle bit the boarding pass and thenI’ve gone round with the glitter tapeand how fun and fresh is that Bobbyfresh I’m gonna do a couple more pagesand Elle’s gonna wait for the cookies tocook bake whoever I likein a minute we back my storyno you did it just basically we havemore face time for a bit she was likethe cookies are gonna bake and I waslike I’m gonna go grab some food yes letme show you they look they look like methese cookies these are the ones Idropped and I’ll just keep them here andmaybe like chop them up for cookie doughor whatever and then these other onesand then two more in the oven oh oh mygod they look so good it’s a broken oneyeah oh my god hmm so chewy moist WowWow Oh lunch wayso since ELLs been bacon I’ve done twomore pages and I tried to do them bothslightly different so this one showsthat I graduated in LA technically itwas when we got tight is there and thenthis one’s more of like how you have aspot for my guests so there’s not reallyany room for any writing and I’veliterally just on that picture picturepicture picture picture and then onethat cut out the bottom so if your penlooks though you want to go for mix itup I like to mix it up and that is in anutshell how we do our books but yeahI’m currently on part three halfwaythrough the book we’re gonna have awhole double page spread on coronavirusand it’s just me screenshots from ourface time like I’ve caught your cookiesI’ve got nothing to gives you anyway Iguess that’s the end of the video yeahhope you enjoy it that was just a nicelittle cheer come cook with our slushscrapbook with us cookies cookie we arereally getting the chance to experimentwith videos now because these are videosthat probably we would we’d want to dobut we wouldn’t be sure if you guyswould be liking it I would not have achoice I’d get were you given did yousend us pictures if you do do them dudeit this video a thumbs up if you enjoyeddon’t forget subscribe we’re gettingclose to 250,000 subscribers I’llsupport over a million people glassplease spread the love we love you righttherewe love you we’ll see you make sure youstay safebye[Music]

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