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How to make EASY chicken pot pie!! #Leftover challenge

As you guys know, local restaurants are struggling in this trying time, with the leftover challenge, we can help lessen the blow that these mom and pop shops are experiencing so that in the future when all this is over, we can go to our favorite local restaurants again! this is an easy chicken pop pie recipe that anyone can do and the results are amazing!

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Video Transcription

what’s up guys welcome to kitchen cultI’m Joey and today we’re gonna be doingthe leftover challenge so basically whatyou’re gonna do is you’re gonna buy foodfrom your local restaurant you’re gonnabuy more than you need and then with allthe leftovers you’re gonna makesomething creative out of it we’retrying to support our local restaurantsthey’re struggling a lot right now andthey could really use the help today I’mgonna be making a chicken pot pie withleftover – chicken from a restaurantcalled I’ve got oneit’s literally down the street from meand it’s super good alright guys nowlet’s jump into the videohashtag leftover challenge and so we’regonna go we’re gonna make a chicken potpieall right guys here we go let’s do thischicken pot pie is one of my favoritefoods here I ordered a half chicken itis smoked so we’re gonna get a nicesmoky flavor in our chicken pot pie Idid eat a little bit of this this is aleftover challenge so that is okay thisorder also came with some rice that I’mgonna be adding to my potpie as wellwe’re gonna start by separating the meatfrom the bones and the skin I’m gonnaset my bones in the skin to the sidebecause I’m gonna use them later on tomake fawn in the bottom of my pot sothey want to make my gravy the chickenpot pie will have extra flavorI like the chunks of chicken in mychicken pot pie a little bit bigger it’sreally up to you on how you like itwhen you’re done you should have about apound of meat and then whatever yourleftovers are my order of half-chickenalso came with a half onion that I’mgonna throw in there as wellI’m gonna heat up a little glug of oliveoil in a big old pot like this and thenI’m gonna throw my skin and bones inthere and let it just sit for a littlebit make sure you spread them aroundreal nice so we can extract the mostamount of bond from them in the meantimeI’m gonna try to dice up this reallysquishy onion that my order came withand I’m gonna set it aside because I’mgonna use it lateras you can see we’re developing somereally really nice fun at the bottomall right now we’re adding an entirestick of butter on low heat just to meltit and then we’re adding our onions tosoften them up just a little bitalright now I’m adding 1/4 cup of flourand we’re gonna go ahead and stir thatwe’re gonna make sure our flour is wellincorporated we don’t want any clumpswe’re gonna measure out 2 cups ofchicken stock and slowly incorporatethat stirring it really well once that’sbeautiful and well incorporated we’regonna add 1 cup of milk whole milkhere I’m seasoning with half a teaspoonof kosher salt and 1/2 a teaspoon ofthyme and then I’m gonna do a few shakesof garlic powder and then add a littleblack pepper now give that a nice stiralright now I’m gonna go ahead and addmy chickenand then totally optional I’m gonna addmy rice thrown in some frozen peas andfrozen carrots then we’re just gonnastir until it’s nice and thick I forgotto mention that my order also came witha smoked jalapeno so I’m just gonna cutthat up and throw it into here I have astore-bought pie crust I’m just gonna goahead and put into my pie plateI’m just gonna put this in the oven atabout 400 degrees Fahrenheit until it’sa little bit Brown this is optional youdon’t really have to do this but I likedoing it lots of people don’t even havea bottom layer in their chicken pot piein the first place let’s go ahead andcheck out this epic fail and now let’stake that thing out of the oven a little9.5 inch pie plate was just enough tofit all of our filling in there let’s goahead and cover it up with another piecrust I’m trying to stick the top to thebottom as best as I can then I’mtrimming off the excess all right hereI’m cutting out a little design on topso the air doesn’t build up when it’s inthe oven and explode my pie then we’regonna go ahead and brush the top with anegg wash composed of one egg and asplash of milk and this is going in theoven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about20 minutes or until it’s golden brown Iate half this pie by myself[Music][Music][Music][Music]smash that like button it hit subscribeto be part of the cult I’ll see you guysnext time[Music]

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