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Teaching Chimpanzees How To Make Non Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies | Myrtle Beach Safari

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Recipe For Non Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies: Prep time 10 minutes
1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1/4 cup almond meal/flour
2 tablespoons unsweetened almond butter
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons stevia-sweetened chocolate chips
1 tablespoon raw coconut nectar

In a medium bowl, combine the shredded coconut almond meal, almond butter, vanilla, chocolate chimps, and coconut nectar and mix well with your hands. Form into 8 balls, then press into round disks with the palm of your hand.

Per serving est.:
153 calories/11g fat/4g protein
12g carbs/4g fiber

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to our Channeltoday we’re gonna make some know makecookies with these chimpanzee boysAndy French into making should be easyfor kids to make while I’m sittingaround the quarantine so let’s getstarted yeah let’s get started hey watchme kick turn[Music]prison[Music]okay[Music]the jeweled genome did you paint them[Music]services him[Music][Music]all right how about here is Orionwhere’s the rhythm yeah yeah yeah yeahyeah how’s that work right therenow get a minute suppose give me 30these to describe these twos[Music]they’ll use a spray spraywe need the crazy spray version that’stoo much too much hey required coldwater they go cold chilly for whoreschilly all right all right all right goon in the fridge you guys dry handsyou come back here I’m bringing stardragon hands updragons upyeah yeah get the back service let’s getthis because me give me that other handyeah and you’ve turned on the furykiller you turning on mckarrick allright yeah okay first ingredient we needto combine shredded coconut and thealmond meal it’s a quarter cup but we’regonna double it up and do a half cupall right agree oh you want to hold thecups of your brother can pour all rightI know no fear not there we go oh boyyeah all right kids next Roman sorry nohold on hold on there we golet me help you when you squeeze it’lldon’t pour too much we need a teaspooncan you open it up you’re gonna love theteaspoon you’re just pulling it forright hand all right here it is Oh we gothere we go we got that load thatwe got to pour this into there okay letme helpall right okay here we go twotablespoons four tablespoons okayorganic turn off organic chocolate chipswe got some of those all right we gottatake this and get it yep one three oneone for the bowlyeah yeah all right one more time lookwhat we’re doing okayI’m sure that’s for now you guys gotthis whole system up in and out at thesame time a little extra a little extrajob good job good now we need twotablespoons of raw coconut nectar allright sugreeva can hold that one you canpour this one let’s open her upall right you got a hold of that we’regonna pour it in hold your spoon okayhere we go all right again one more timesqueeze squeeze all rightpour that sucker in okay there’s onesqueeze I’ll helpswing that’s funny I never have enoughnectar no more oh good boy yummyall right give that to Alisha pick upyeah that’s deliciousthere you go[Music]good job good job good jobokay you have that nah mix where’s ourshredded coconut put it in there oh itwas the first ingredient where are youBen I’ll help you hold it that’s a goodboy[Music]all right I say kids okay I had tofinish it up with my hands I’m gonnamake some little balls and let boys justmaximum minutes oh yeah is that excitingall right I’m gonna put this on the trayall right Sabrina cookie Bobby smush umyes I see I see a leash over there shewants a taste test all right get it wasgonna say Jake you should send uspictures of your trays when your kids doit let us know it it yeah all rightkitty good job okay you’re supposedcookies they look great cookie oh thereyou go it’s your own cookie ready can Ihave a taste test two coconut and almondbutter yeah you don’t even need aplatinumwell no kind of flat okay here you wannaknow what mmm yummy yeah I get itmmm okay even have it for oncemmm chocolate chip chocolate chip as youcan see we made round two the chimpsliked it so much that we decided to doanother round for them but before webreak them in here so they can have somecookies we wanted to show you guys howto actually make the cookies once youmix it all it actually turns into thisand you use your hands form it intolittle balls so they can be cookies justlike that or you can press them be flatno cookies[Music]you can see our final results dependingon how your child’s cooking skills mightbe like you know if they’re Alicia’sthey can stay in the round ball ifthey’re a little bit more skilled youjust flatten them out and make them intoround cookies like so regardless Rocco’srecipe is usually easy and now that wehave our finished pride we’re gonna goget the chippies cuz you know they likethese cookies and I want to[Music][Applause]where do they go for first footballs orthe flood cookies oh they like the onesthat I made they just like Turkey you’renot special you’re a special cookiethat’s just beyond these films deliciousI think they like ithey Mike I was a smallest bite in thehistory of giving advice get my ownwell I hope you guys enjoy them watchingthis video the chips certainly enjoyeating the cookies quite tasty leave acomment down below you guys try thisrecipe or if you try something else andyou would like us to try something elsedon’t forget to watch us on chip dinnerlike every Sunday at 8:00 p.m. and we’llsee you in the next one yeah

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