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How to make no egg cookie dough!

This is so easy to make and is very safe and not raw!! This recipe does not need any eggs or vanilla. I hope you like it remember to subscribe and like to my channel and then comment for more videos!!!!!!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel andif you’re new to my channel this iscrazy hats today I’m gonna be showingyou how to make cookie dough it I knowthis may sound weird because usually myvideos on crafts but today I just wantedto show you how to make really easycookie dough that is not raw and youdon’t need any eggs so let’s get on tohow to make it and a medium sized bowlyou are going to add one and a half cupsof all-purpose flour you’re gonna add1/4 cup of brown sugar I’m going to addfour tablespoons of butter this thisbutter can be room-temperature butter orit can be a microwave butter if you’regonna put in the microwavemake sure it’s melted and you put in forone minute so you’re just gonna add thatin then you’re gonna add a pinch or twoof salt after that you’re gonna mix allthese ingredients together until they’renice and they become into better so I’mgonna mix this all up and I’ll be rightback just what the batter should looklike one it you when you have mix it alltogether now what we’re gonna do iswe’re gonna cover this in plastic wrapthey’ve covered it in the plastic wrapthen you’re gonna let this I’m set inthe fridge for 25 to 30 minutes and takeit out when you’re done they write backwhen your 30 minutes are over okay guysso in 30 minutes right now up and thisis what my cookie dough looks like thenyou’re gonna take off the plastic wrapafter you’ve done that you can now addas many chocolate chips as you want orwhatever toppings you want to put I’mgonna be putting 1/2 cup of chocolatechips this up altogether I’m gonna speedthis upokay guys so this is my completed cookiedough it’s so good and you can also makethese into cookies but the only thingabout the cookies is when you put in theoven at 350 degrees and you take themout they’re like really soft and theytaste amazing so you should go try trythat out if you’re trying this recipeand I hope you like this video remembersubscribe and like to my channel andthen comment down below for more videosso[Music]

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