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Short & Sweet: Not Your Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Hosted by Vanessa Rodriguez (EMBA 2021), Not Your Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies! Brought to you by AnderCooks

-1 cup bread flour
-3/4 cup all purpose flour
-1 1/2 teaspoons salt
-1 teaspoon baking soda
-1 cup unsalted butter
-1 cup light brown sugar
-1/2 cup white sugar
-2 teaspoons vanilla extract
-1 large egg & 1 egg yolk
-1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
-4 oz dark chocolate

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Video Transcription

hey everyone this is Vanessa how iseveryone doing in this quarantinewelcome to the one Anderson Channel I’mgoing to be doing some baked goods for ashort and sweet and today what I’m goingto be doing is a not so classicchocolate-chip cookie and the thingsthat make it not so classicchocolate-chip cookie are things likefrom butter and then we actually havetwo different types of chocolate chipsso I’ll go over all of them but yeah soI hope you guys enjoy so the first thingthat I actually have is the brown sugarnow preferably it’s light brown sugarbut because of quarantine all I have isdark brown sugar so we’re gonna have tomake it work we also have white sugar wehave Santa Manila extract as well andthen the fun ingredient is the brownbutter so to make this brown butter youtake two sticks butteryou melt it and then you wait until itactually starts getting this like nuttyaroma and then after you pour it into aglass cup please don’t do a plastic cupcuz I had a friend do that and in brnohook through her measuring cup you haveto make sure that you can fill it allthe way up to a cup so if there’s anymissing because some of it does getevaporated you just add a little bitmore water just to make the full cupokay and then just some of the otheringredients which we’ll be using to iswe have one egg with one egg yolk bakingsoda you can use table salt and then wehave our two different types of floursnow I know if you’ve seen theingredients there is a cup of breadflour and then 3/4 cups of all-purposeflour I know a lot of people don’t havebread flour but trust me if you lovechewy cookies and not the crispy onesyou need the bread flour so if you canget your hands on it I know during thequarantine this is actually easier tofind than all-purpose flour get yourselfsome bread flour and then the last thingis the chocolate so we have our normalchocolate chips semi-sweet but then thething that I love the mostthis dark chocolate and it’s just aGhirardelli bar 4 ounces so let one fullbar and you just chop it up a couple oftimes you like to have big pieces sothat when you’re biting into thechocolate cookie you just get a mouthfulof chocolate so we have both of thoseand yeah so if you guys have anyquestions during the actual tutorialfeel free to send it through chat and Iwill try my best to get those answeredso the first thing we’re gonna do is addthe sugars the vanilla extract and thebrown butter into the mixing bowl nowI’m using a stand mixer you don’t haveto use a stand mixer if you don’t haveone you can use a hand mixer you caneven use your hand I know clay had hisworkout this morning so if you want toget more of a workout you can definitelyuse a win so she’s been taking a littlelonger to get really fluffy sure so takethe sugar put it into the mixing bowlboth of them and I’ll show you guys whatit actually looks like there’s a postallook like as soon as I start getting itmixing okayand again this liquid gold butter okayand then you can put it on medium forabout one to two minutes okay probablyshould put that up the reason that werein a brown butter nuts minuteyou also really get sort of like thatreally molasses flavor when you use thebrown butter and I know a lot of recipesI do have some buyers how you know likeleave it for about 15 minutesdon’t do that there’s no longer 25 minthe next two hours sitting on thecounter so that way so that’s my trustme I know it seems like actual workingmicrowave they’re really really I knowsome people try to makeso if I will tell you that it doesn’twork I actually have a load on me and mywish and I don’t like that mess a littlebit of broken glass in there so I wasjust doing that extra step and reallyjust waiting for it so right now we haveit going on for about a minute I’ll giveit another minute it’s still not reallylight right now it’s okay if you okay soI’m not very reach for the best so asyou can see it’s mixed it’s not reallyfluffy but all of the ingredients aremixed and it’s nice and thick so nowwhat we’re going to add to it is thatfull egg and an egg yolk now if you’venever actually separated an egg the bestway to really start doing it is not withthe actual eggshells that gets reallytricky and cut the egg yolk in half Iwould just do it in my hand justliterally crack it in your hand and goin between your hands and really justtry to catch the egg yolk and then thewhites will alter your beaters so you’lladd that and you’ll mix just until it’sincorporated so all right now this isthe fun part this is where you actuallyhave to pour the flour in threenow I’m really really bad at pouring soI’m actually going to go the long routeand put it down take it out because ifnot I will make a mess itself so all youhave to do is just pour in about 1/3 ofthe mixture now again it doesn’t have tobe accurate it’s okay if there’s alittle too much or not enough back on tothe hand mixer and then this is whereyou really really have to be careful notto overmix so really just mix it nowI’ll bring it down again and actuallyjust so you guys can see I will move thecamera over so you can see what I meanbut it’s it’s still really there’s a lotof flour on the side and that’s totallyokay don’t worry about it we’ll get toit towards the end so let me add moreflourokay then I’ll show you guys what it’ssupposed to look like and when you’resupposed to stopokay again mostly incorporated don’tneed to worry about all of the flour onthe edges we’ll get to that and thenhere is the list as I said I’m not verygood at pouring in the flour we’ll getit all in that promise okay there’s thelast of the flour and then we’ll mix itjust one more time alright so comingback over here we will show how to addthe chocolate chips and get rid of thatextra flour as well okay so I have myhandy dandy spatula you can fix thissorry it’s my first youtube video so I’mnot exactly very good at this all rightso get off just all of that excess doughI swear if you guys could smell this itsmells so good that brown butter goessuch a long way on the flavor this is myfavorite cookie dough recipe and if youwant you can even add a little bit ofespresso powder to it if you really likesort of that coffee flavor or just achocolate I really really taste likechocolate that espresso powder reallybrings out that flavor okay so got mostof that off then we’ll add the twodifferent types of chocolate in hereokay and then we’re just gonna do thefinal mixing with a spatula and that’swhen you really get all of that flourthat’s on the outside so like I saiddon’t have to worry about it you’regonna get all the flour in there youjust mix it a couple of times again wedon’t want to over mix this you over mixit the cookies are gonna be reallyreally chewy butthat way okay so mix it in there makesure all of the chocolate is within thatmatter so we have every piece have somechocolate okay almost there one finalmix yeah I’ll show you what it lookslike yummy I’m a chocolate cookie doughokayso now the hard part is we actually haveto wait for this to be done untiltomorrow so you can’t really eat ittoday you can cook it if you want toright now I would advise against itbecause we use melted brown butterversus something brown butter thecookies are really going to turn flat ifyou try to cook them today so the trickis to get another baking sheet scoopthem up on there and then freeze themovernight I’m telling you it makes adifference not only does it make areally nice thick cookie but it alsoreally helps the flavors really developtogether so and the easiest way honestlyto do it is just an ice cream scoopthere’s no reason not to try to do itwith your hand so that’s what I doso you just scoop a little too muchchocolate there and then you just scoopit onto your pan and that’s it you justput them all there show you yeah itlooks like a little ball of cookie doughand then you put them in the freezerleave them overnight once they’re doneovernight you put them into the oven at375 for about 14 to 15 minutes to painton the sides of your ice cream scoop andthen you have some really good chocolatechip cookies and I’ll show you guys whatthey look like the next day so I madethese yesterday really really good asyou can see don’t look like your averageToll House cookies bites where they’reso good you have like really bigchocolate chunks just see the semi-sweetcookies in there and then again like Isaid it is chewy and I love sugarcookies so yeah we go so much of it allright umm and that’s all I have fortodayyour really reallycookies for next time if you guys haveanything that you guys want to see suchas scones pound cakes cheesecakes wecould do cakes I will say they’re alittle bit more difficult and require alot of tools but we could definitely docakes but you guys have any otherrecipes that you guys want to try let meknow in the comments and then we’ll tryto do it next timealright alright so one but one quick sohow long does it take to brown thebutter and how do we know when it isdone so it takes about five minutestotal from when you put the stick ofbutter to get to the brown butter andyou have to be really really careful youcan’t stop mixing because if you do itstarts bubbling and creating sort oflike this white layer of like clouds soyou have to really be mixing and it’llbe that dark brown that I showed at thefront if you go over it’ll be likealmost like toasted walnuts that youover toast it in the oven so it’s got tobe sort of like a light tan brown trustme as soon as it’s ready you’ll smell itit will smell like nuts any otherquestions that we have Julis nope allright well thank you again guys forjoining the one anderson channel miss meVanessa with short and sweet I hope tosee you guys next timethanks

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