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How to make chocolate chip cookies (Response)

This video is a response from Dr. Curtis.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]okay hello I’m David Curtis I’m thechair of the English department and thisis for our English majors I wish you thebest we’re almost to the finish linewe’re getting through it a suitor out inher last trout University baking videomade chocolate chip cookies and shechallenged me personally at the end ofthe to do some baking with my childrenso what we’re going to attempt to dotoday is replicate her chocolate chipcookie recipe I am here in my kitchenapparently we older people like this lowcamera angle with some sort of ceilingfan in the background so we have that Ihave with me my assistant the bear andthe bear is going to help us out atvarious points so first step is we’regonna go over to the pantry and see whatwe’ve got okay so now we’re going tocheck the pantry and make sure we haveall the ingredients for these chocolatechip cookies alright so this appears tobe flour you just showing the flour thenyou can set it on the table and we havesome baking soda it’s not even opengranulated brown sugar don’t eat any ofthe brown sugar bearthen what’s the expiry date on that youcan throw that the trash to sounfortunately it doesn’t look like wehave the ingredients so we’ll have tocome up with an alternate plan so beright back okay so we didn’t actuallyhave any of the other ingredients sowe’re going to this is something we gotin a delivery order this is why it’sgluten-free because I’m sure it wassubstituted for something elsegluten-free low in fact is Latin forhard as rocks so we’re going to try toavoid that as best we can that justbrands pretty good they make someexcellent canned biscuits and we’ll wewill maybe do another video with takingyou through that process with the cannedbiscuits that so really important thatwe’ll artwork on the front both get veryimportant that when you open that wekeep the baking instructions intactright because we don’t want to lose thebaking instructions because then we’d belost without them so first thing we’regoing to do is is we’re going to openthis packet and they just come justcomes right open I’ve torn the bakinginstructions so that’s tragic butthink we can sort of take them all hereokay and inside of the package you’llfind these lovely pre-made chunks ofrefrigerated cookie dough all rightperfectall right you look you saved like halfan hour all right so and they’ve been aniterator already so you know we don’thave to refrigerate the dough becauseit’s already refrigerated all right sonow let’s put these in the pan hey thisis really disgusting baking sheet that’solder than most of our childrenI think it’s been around for a while isa little pizza on it leftover from theother 9:30 kick table but that’s allright it’s been through the dishwasherso perfectly clean so we could put ourcookies on here they would yes and thenwe’ll take an individual cookies reallyimportant to break them apart beforebaking them and then we’re going to Imean it’s fine if you want it to mushthem all back together and use a scoopor something that’s fine they breakapart pretty easily and so this we willmake a dozen of these because you knowthat’s bakes makes 12 cookies so we’retaking our word for it and we’re goingto just put these out hereand I think my wife’s on a conferencecall next door so that’s what that noiseis in the background and here’s an extrachuckling and stay right there it’sgreat so I have my cookies we have a 325degree oven did they’re gonna go intoand so we just take Dada and they’ll bein there for 14 to 17 minutes which wasour oven when I set it at the low endbecause it always gets doneI’d be cookies on ya know either gotease Tanya no yes come on lovin theyshould look something like thisum you can talk the WizI seen in sprinkles or you can makesandwiches with I see ice cream and twocookies and I hope you have as much funas we did in this video see you nexttime[Music]

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