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Making Plantain chips and ShortBread Cookies | Cook #withme

Where I got my Instructions from for the cookies


Hi guys, my name is Uche Ubajaka, a Nigerian vlogger. I make vlogs about things you can do in Nigeria and also places you can visit in Nigeria. I hope you enjoy my content. Feel free to like and comment, share + subscribe 😉

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

welcome to chase my[Music]this subscribe Amish would you like somemeat this way you won’t fortunatelyfantastic because their ability butissue actually eating through the screenhi guys a local gratitude his mind andlearning practices people’s who caresfor the Pitino Soviets for you when youcan eat it so easy antenna behalf rightso yes welcome back to Chi Chi’s mind intoday’s video I sheltered him involvedmaybe candyso in this vlog I was told not to talkabout everything so happy because I havein this video we’ll meet should spreadthat wasn’t insane why notyes and shimmy pound cake you can reallynice the should persuade my momadvantage[Music]you may be asking what is to just beatyou so much you haven’t looked up thecomedy cause I’m getting previously Ijust want something to smile so let mejust make Timmy that’s rapper hence whynamely punking out chakra to the momentI teachers without gratitude by the endof this week everything is calledbecause the news sometimes it is wrongwith me jisu portal suggest with personit is man which is really practical Ididn’t realized us I’m kidding me it’swhich is not good because I supposed tobe fit for some time just gotta readnewsde luxe[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]hi guys so I’m just here to talk to youguys about whitey right I wouldn’tso basically after mixing everythingtogether we had sold becauseinstructions said we should form thedough wrap it in cling film and put itin the fridge for its super form butmake sure like is really hard to fit inthe future like Ted see me meet withanother that’s pretty tough inequitiesinternet lead to lead to thin slices andinputs on the baking pan for me to bakeso like 10 minutes under theinstructions are needs in descriptionbox[Music][Music]what is successful to me[Applause]we have slacking[Applause][Music]thank you guys for watching this videodon’t forget to Like comment andsubscribeno you guys are able to live out someyou got plantain chips okay you cannoteven throw them on checker cookieshortbread cookie oh I’ll see big red[Music]then we’ll advantage but if you want toadd salt or sugar I recommend you putseeds before instruments or oh yeah thissubscribe a monkey

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