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COOK WITH ME | I Tried To Make Fancy Teddy Bear Cookies

I tried to make some fancy teddy bear cookies. I didn’t really succeed at making them but it was pretty funny while I was doing it. I hope you all enjoy and if you haven’t Liked and Subscribed DO IT!!

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Video Transcription

[Music]we’re gonna be cooking again todaythe first time it took it went prettyfreaking welli didn’t mess up anything but today it’sgonna be a little bit differentbecause we’re gonna be making thesethey’re snickerdoodle teddy bearsso i’m not sure if it’s gonna go wellbut we’re gonna try anyways and we’regonna see how it goesbut right now we gotta go buy theingredientsi forgot the most important thingthe main girl sheila she’s got a flattire so he’s got a fixeryou know what i mean all rightwe made it back the ingredientsa little complicated but you need koshersalt salted butteryou don’t need biscuits you need whitechocolatemilk chocolate dark brown sugarold-fashioned oats cinnamon sugarand some vanilla extract what you needpreheat the oven always first rightthat’s what i learned from the firsttime of cookingmixing bowlssecond step large mixing bowl beattogether the butter brown sugarcongratulatedgranule the sugar until combinedwe’ll use these two they’re roomtemperatureoh i’m making a mess that’s aboutthree-fourthsgraduated now we must bebeaten now we need to be inbe in the eggs how many eggs twoof the large eggsif you leave in some shell it gives alittle bit of proteinone tablespoon of the vanilla extracti’ve always wondered what this tasteslikeit was at this moment that he knew hefucked upoh ohadd the flour cinnamon if you using youdon’t have to use the cinnamonbut i recommend the cinnamon it’s timeto foldin the oats how many oatstwo cups i mean i’m not really gonnaworry aboutfolding them in i can’t do that so i’mjust gonnaput a cup in mix it put another cup intwo cups there we go ohtoday’s just not my day[Music]it’s not my finest work but it looksgood to make full size teddy bearroll about half the dough into 24one tablespoon sized ballsoh shit left the stuff in the oveni mean it’s pretty good oneout of you’re gonna need 24of these little ballsi don’t know if they’re the right sizebut what elsethis is about 72 i mean hit or missthis is where the cinnamon sure comes init says to roll them in it or somethingbut i’m just gonna sprinkle it on topi want to prepare baking sheet don’thave those place twoof the one tablespoon ballsside by side like thatgently flatten until one inch thickhalf an inch thick and then attach sixof these little guys so onetwo threefour fivesix like that there bam teddy bearand then flatten them out i thinkhopefully he fell apartbam boop bamall right here is the first batch ofthemcooked now it’s time to decorate herethere’s the final product i’ll put aside-by-side comparisonof what mine look like compared to uhwhat theirs look likenothat is a abomination of a teddy bearcookie buti say it’s in success i guess that’s theendthe rest we’re doneyou

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