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My Homemade Chocolate walnut cookies dough

I love to cook when I have time so why not make some cookies

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys this is my chocolate cookies Iwon’t say chocolate chip because Ididn’t use chocolate chips but I did useall-natural coco coco and this is adoing free bean flour and sugar sendthem in to help with the sugar index Iuse some painful all-natural maple syrupbaking soda eggs of course my butterwater and of course what did I say ohyeah pretty muchit’s really a really decadent cookiebecause I think the bean the guns Oheverything makes it like richer orsomething but it really tastes we canreally taste it the bean because theingredients you just melt right in andthen she can see that is a nice textureokay guys I’ll let you see how it comesout I can’t wait

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