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Ooey Gooey Butter Cookies

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Video Transcription

welcome back everybody um today we aregoing to make we gooey butter cookieshopefully you guys are ready for somesweetness for the day so we start off bya package of cream cheese so an 8 ouncepackage of cream cheese a stick ofbutter and a cup and a half of sugar andyou’ll blend those together I usuallyuse my KitchenAid mixer but becausethat’s too loud I have acommercial-grade one so it’s a littleloud I didn’t think that I would usethat today for the video this is kind ofa new favorite cookie and where this onecame from is a kill trap at Cherry Hillphoto actually brought us some of thesecookies earlier this year and I hadnever had it before so I’m like oh mygod these are amazing and so I lookedfor a bunch of different recipes andfound one that I really liked and Ithought that is the real simple cookiethat you guys could all make it homepretty easily so once that’s nicelyblended together you’re gonna crack bakeand then I’m also going to go ahead andadd a teaspoon of vanillaI don’t usually measure my vanillausually the cap is almost a teaspoon andthen I like vanilla so I add a littlebit extra vanilla in there add someamazing flavor so that’s kind of one ofthe things that I do to almost all of mytweets in my cookies you will blend thattogether nicely this cookie is realsimplenot very many ingredients at all oncethat’s blended together then you’regonna add a half a cup of powdered sugaror confectioners sugar three teaspoonsof baking powder and then you’re goingto also add two and a quarter cups offlour and that is all the ingredientsthat are in these cookiesso you’ll mix those up I talked it was asimple oneand again the KitchenAid mixer is mucheasier to use you can see that this Ikind of make a little bit of a mess withthe flourI hope you guys are really enjoying yourtime working from home I know I miss allof you hopefully we’ll be back in theoffice soon and who can actually facethese I’m sure the first day back we’llbe bringing a bunch of goodies in forright now my boys were enjoying them wedeliver them to our neighbors so they’recompletely mixed now this dough is alittle bit sticky but that’s okaythey don’t spread a lot on your cookiesheet a lot of recipes you’ll find it’lltell you to put it in the fridge for awhile I don’t recommend doing thatbecause they already don’t spread verymuch on the pan and I’ll show you thatwhen we get to that part so then all youneed to do is you just scoop I use thesenice little scoops that makes a nicesized cookie and then you have anotherhalf a cup of powdered sugar on the sideand you’ll just roll the cookie in itlike that and you place it on a bakingsheet the key to this is prettyimportant paper down these cookies aremade with cream cheese so they are alittle bit more sensitive in the oven soyou have to really watch them so thatthey don’t burn I’ll show you all thisdo three of them here and this recipemakes about two dozen and what you’llwant to do like I said they don’t spreadvery much in the oven is that you’llwant to push it down just slightly likethat and then you’ll bake it I usedrats in my oven so I’ll do about fivefive and a half minutes on the lowerwrap and then I’ll add it to the toprack for another five and a half minutesuntil they’re finished but that is anooey gooey butter cookieI made some earlier so you can see howthey look when they come out of the ovenand there they are and I have my tastetester again with me today Grayson it’sone of his new favorite put these nextto my sugar cookies let everybody knowhow they taste the thumbs up great hopeyou guys enjoy

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