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Kids Gingerbread cookies in 15 minutes

Kids can cook – By Neha

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Video Transcription

hi boys and girls so i’m gonna teach youhow to bake um gingerbread cookiestoday i’m gonna have a little bit ofhelp from my dadbut he’s a he’s a teeny bit scared toshow his faceso you don’t need to see his face sothis is oneteaspoon of orange liquor this is oneteaspoonof like ginger this is onestick of melted butter this isum one half cup ofbrown sugar this isone cup ofall purpose flourso we’re so guys we’re gonna mix all offour of theseinside this bowl okay so i’m gonna putthis insideall of it and put all of this insideand put this carefully because it’s kindof hotwe don’t need that piece and putthis insideactually just made this part because mydad said so right now[Music]and we don’t need we need this no wedon’t need the spoonbut i forgot a little bit of this soso now we’re gonna mix all of thistogetherso very nicely and very gentlybecause you don’t want anything to stickon the bowland so so my my dad forgot to put bakingsoda guys so hewe put in baking soda my me and my dadmixed it together and it smells so goodsee you can smell it in your house soso now it’s all readyso we had to roll this in a ball and i’mgonna roll it right now i just need totake all of this outnow i’m gonna keep the bowl safelybut inside because my dad said so soi’m so i’m going to mush it like a balli don’t want this to i don’t want thisto be dirty or badso i forgot to and my dogmy dad um reminded me soif you don’t know what’s remind it meansthat umi forgot something and my friend umsaid i will do i’ll do umi’ll come i’ll come to your houseand i said oh yeah i forgot i forgotso that’s what reminding means okayokay so now we’re going toopen the fridge and my dad and meopen the space right thereso we’re going to we’re going to putwe’re going to put the bowl insidethe fridge and let it dryokayso it has to be inside the fridge umfor five minutes i rolled itand put it like this whitepaper on top i beforei’m like when i took five minutesout of the fridge i had it to roll itand then you you can get any cookiecutterand cook it in this now you gotta put itin the oven right thereboys and girls keep the ovenheat the oven to 350bearing heat now we put it the cookiesinside the ovenboys and girls preheat the ovento 350fahrenheit put it insideand now close it upfor eight minutes so after eight minutesyou take the cookiesout and put it on the table and let itcooland then your cookies are done if youlike this cooking videogive a thumbs up and press the redbutton bye bye

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