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How to make desserts made from girl scout cookies at home

You often see the girl scouts outside of your grocery store selling cookies, maybe you want to make themselves at home. Chef O from Fry’s shows some recipes you can make at your own kitchen!

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome back you probably have them inyour pantry right now Girl Scout cookiesit is definitely the season I would haveevery box except I have like a fewTagalongs left and that’s what we’ve gotchef Oh joining us from fries becauseshe’s gonna tell us how we can kind ofgive the cookies new life with deliciousdesserts yeah if you happen to not eatthem all right that’s that’s the firstthing right yesso yeah reinventing it so today I have alittle lemon truffle so in here we havethe lemon UPS which are the fun newcookies that we have out there with thelittle sang so it’s almost like afortune cookie to see what you’re seeingis when you get it right so we grindthose up and then where does he do awhole package a whole package yep andthen a little cream cheese this is likea little cheesecake action how muchcream cheese about four ounces of creamcheese and then we have two tablespoonsof powdered sugar Oh in there so if weprocess our best things best thing yeahit grinds things up better and a littlelemon juice and then we want to I won’tdo it right now but zest a whole lemonin there we want a nice bright flavorokay put that in really there we goright so then we have our dough here andthen you just scoop those you can makethese as big or small as you want I likethem little dough yeah one little biteroll those up and then you got todecorate them so you put your yeah yourdecoration and just throw them around inthere it’s kind of like bringing it backto cookie dough but you could actuallywrite it right yeah exactly and then weI also did these are a toffee tasketTagalongs so that’s the tag-along cookieand the toffee cookie together a littlegue little can you butter mousse inthere and then the other one I have isthe thin mint oat bars so I tried to goa little bit healthy oats in there rightand help it out a little bit so yeah oneApple I know so that is our Thin Mintcookies a little oat and egg to bind ittogether and you just briefly bake thosethey’re kind of like a granola okay howlong did you bake them for about 18minutes okayhe talks about this cooking school ohyeah so I run the cooking school atTatum and Shayfries okay so we have kids programsevery Tuesday afternoon and then we’llstart the summer program in June andthen we also teach adults as well so youcan come in and do some of these recipesit’ll have fancy fries yes it is howdoes it work the cooking school do youlike you sign up and you pay a fee andeverything including different classesso kids are $30 for a class you justfind us on our Facebook price cookingschool Facebook page I’ll have therecipes for these up there on their wageas well so you can make them at homewith your kids I love this so this oneyou said you baked for a little bit doyou bake how long no the other two areno hard no bake so that’s really easyfor kids to get involved with that oh soyou don’t because you’re not you don’thave eggs or anything like that exactlyyeahwhat is it tastes lemony lemonade okay Imake the lemon cookies with the powderedsugar after you can that you bake andthat’s basically what it tastes like yepyeah and it’s nice because it’s a littlebite so self-control see if you can onlyhave a few no yeah the last one what didyou put in so that’s what that has thetoffee testokay the toffee tasket on the bottom andthen I made a peanut butter mousse andground up the Tagalongs in there as wellso nice to chokolate peanut butter andcaramel going on so what was your advicefor folks out there who might you knowwant to be experimenting with their GirlScout cookies after watching thissegment making some desserts mostly havefun and the easiest way is to break themdown and then incorporate them intoother recipes that you might have as aplace to startokay so break them down and then a lotof the times you don’t even have to bakethem which is nice here they could be acrust for something like a high orsomething yeah so can we talk about allthese patches because you are you were aGirl Scout I understand you know I amalways a girl tell me a little bit aboutyour work with the organization sogrowing up in it I’ve done everythingfrom a brownie all the way up to campdirector so I’ve gone down to theInternational Girl Scout house inCuernavaca twice on programs yep just alot of different experiences GirlScoutingwas my life and I continued to supportthem because I think they make a bigimpact on girls empowers them to becomewomen in the future that have you knowcontrol of their lives women like youwho are doing big things and now you getto cook your job you know you’re gettingpaid to cooking with have you met beforewe’re gonna see which one he likes besthe’s so chef you have been in the GirlScouts for how many years what’s thisone this is what the tagalog tagalog alittle rare it’s good and then here’sthe lemon up limit oh okay okay lemon up[Laughter][Applause]Sam hi for meoh my goodness oh my god that iscongratulation that’s a big deal ThankYou chef this has been a fun morningMary okay you go Network please thankyou guys everybody

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