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How to make CBD COOKIES

The team at I am Truth are forever trying to find you new ways to take your CBD, this week we’ve been in the kitchen coming up with all sorts of creations. Todays episode is all about cookies!

We hope you enjoy the outtake at the end, somedays things go wrong, it’s all a part of the process!

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Video Transcription

how to make C B D cookies so we’ve gotbaking powder we have flour we havesugar we have brown sugar we havechocolate chip drops we have vanillaextractwe have sucked we have 2x we have butterand we have CBD so we’re putting now onecup of butter many brands done that whatbrand pick whatever plans you likebasically we’re making a dozen cookiesso this is effectivelywe’ll put say three drops of cookie sowould be 36 we know in a purple justpulled it out again and one of thesefour things is about ten drops so weknow about three and a half of theseshould be sufficient and do all 36 whichworks out three tops perfect and we gotone cup of brown sugar going in one cupof white sugar going in right and thenwe’re just gonna mix it together theprofessional terminology is creaming mybelief so we’re just gonna mix it all ingive it a good mix then what kind ofbeat 2x make sure there’s no show thatgets in make it a little bit crispymight just want it go in and we’readding the second egg I’m just gonnagive it a little mixthere 1 2 teaspoons of the vanillaextract there is one in to him we didtry to get Dave lemon to do thenarrating but he was busy they go with astone that end there so you see thisdate we’ve stood in it’s looking alittle bit runny this would we stillobviously got the flour on the bakingpowder which will thicken out so what wedo is we got boiling hot water and wetake in two teaspoons of boiling waterto go into the baking powder to help itthe sulfur from an easier processthere’s one going in there’s two goingin boiling that’s part of the processand I know it’s unusual because youwouldn’t do that process and took is butfor this you do it creates like a typeof paste and that’s going in as you cansee in our professional videos and youcan hear a baby don’t worry we haven’tkidnapped anyone’s childit’s our little boy hey boy I mean ateaspoon of salt that goes in give it alittle well then we’re gonna add thechocolate chip nutsso what’s gone in there we got a wholebagobviously many other brands availablebut don’t get sued by these a hundredgrams we pick that and then the flowersgoing in so there was two two cups offlour that went in there and then wereonce againpreme it going gets Terry where theterminology want to use make it make ita complete mess so that’s part the funin games of it so give it a stir mix alltogether spend a bit of time this is theend result that’s everything to of wellnot the end result before pre cooking inmyself so this is how it should lookeverything mix together there’s a bit ofjust show you it’s quite so it’s allstuck together you can shake themhowever you want perfect and that’s allmixed in perfectly right so basicallywe’re now we’ve got the mixture we’llput them on the baking tray now the keyto this is you’ll see we had one like aball and flat the flat ones will makesure they’re crispy the but the ballsized ones will be soft in a bit moremoisture so more of like a muffin typething essentially so we’re gonna do sixof each basically so there you go sothis is what you’re gonna do we’re justgoing to put those on so then what youwant to do is pre-heat your oven it 200Celsius okay so pretty that little bitwhere the how long it takes your ovenheat up we’ve left this about 10 minuteswhat our takes then we’re going to putthe first tray inand then they go we’ll be back laterlook at those right so here we are 25minutes late with the cookies as you cansee I’ve made a mess but I’m male let’shave a little look just remember alwaysthey need to be golden browntaking the consideration if it’s a fanovenyou won’t need is long no that’s onemore juice which is not a big thing forme look at thatand there you go see vd cookiesso the difference between what makes usdifferent is I arteriesah yeah and our butt is absolutelyobliterate obliterated absolutelyobliterated I mean look it lookabsolutely Oh Oh Ron we’ve got a dogwe’ve got a dog may be named the dog butthey go things go wrong things Oh God

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