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Chef David Simpson baking Cookies

Chef David Simpson baking Cookies
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Video Transcription

so we’re making homemade cookies todayhave incorporated the butter straight onin there and give it a real quick softenup the next ingredient we’re going touse for the cookies is brown sugar whitesugar I’ve also added in this mix 10grams of the castor sugar with a vanillaextract into it so the flavour will bethere and we’ll just start on the nexton thatso the mixing will be out as our eggsonce attended a lovely display we reallywant to make sure it’ll be 200 Celsius14 minutes but it could be Christiansites or Buddhist centre this particularmake some bacon is because I like itthis way you can add for the kidsobviously the chocolate chip if you haveit’s Marty[Music]I’ll get the next one up here I hope ifI can see over the next speeches hi soI’ve been run in the mixer for roughlyabout two minutes it looks like thatthere find it locally together[Music][Music]the first one end and just pull allperfect ten seconds[Applause]and then go ahead and watch their cyclemomentgo ahead not your baking soda cinnamonfilming stuff sorryI’m salt[Music]let alone from other treatmentsthat’s four minutes under the proof saysso far slowly and creamy just at thispoint just wanted to remind you youroven preheat 200 degrees for a good 20minutes before you put your cookies in Ihave some trays ready to go here I’mgoing to do some small and large cookies[Music]get ready sit the floor again I know Ihaven’t told any of the ingredients butthey’re all on the facebook recipe soeverybody can see you so that’s theflour past three and this is where yournext you start to buying so I’m going toget a 10 seconds to mix up the flooramoebalet’s just back it together nationallyrunning out in our oops what a myfavorite parts the best biscuit ricecrispies and now we just let this bangtogether and less than a minute it’squite firm[Music]second[Music]so now we have our little elet’s get max ready to go it’s quitefirm it’s gonna be easyyeah you’ve options we’ve dust from thefloor set up along to their beauty glassa shape color whatever you have and thenput them onto the tray[Music]

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