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Lisa’s Recipe of the Day 4-29-30 Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies and More

Three Recipes Today! Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies, Clean Out Your Pantry Granola and Cherry Soda Cocktail. Sounds like Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

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Video Transcription

here we go here we go it’s another funday here at recipe of the day here we gokiss you guys pull up here okay we arehere and ready to hit ithow is everyone today welcome welcomewelcome hey Jill Erica Florida hi guyshere we are we’re going to make a coupleactually three things today we are goingto make this just delicioussounding cookie recipe that cookie doughsounds amazing we are also going to bemaking homemade granola today homemadegranola so if you’ve never made it as Inever have my sister suggested we makethis because you probably have a lot ofthings like this in your pantry and youwant to use up some of the staples thatyou have bought and it’s time to getthem made into something we are going tomake them into granola today andeverything that I’m using in the granolatoday I already had in my pantry Ididn’t go get anything it’s justeverything I have so that’s gonna be afun one and then we are going to make aspecial surprise at the end a specialsurprise cocktail so we will get to thatso first things first I’m going to talkabout here this the reason I picked thiscookie recipe here it is a cherry andchocolate chip cookie recipe but this iswhat it says it’s from Bon Appetit in2008 is where this recipe came from butthis is what it says while visiting mybest friend in Los Gatos California Iwent downtown for a bite to eat myfriend recommended icing on the cake anawesome bakery where I had the mostirresistible chip chocolate chip andcherry cookiesI need this recipe I must have it and Ithought wow I mean I thought that waskind of glowing review for a visitor ina cookie recipe and plus I lived in LosGatos in the 80s so she hooked me thereand so that is why we were going to givethese a whirl what I found out tothrough the course of getting theingredients for this is one of theingredients is this cherry liqueurcherry hearing that has been made inDenmark since 1818 and I went to severalliquor stores until I finally went toBevo and they had it and everyone knewwhat I was talking about but nobody hadit so now I have it so we will seeexactly how this recipe is going to turnout so I’ll tell you what I started withit I started with the cherries driedcherries and I have them in a pot herewith a third of a cup of this cherryliqueur and two tablespoons of water andI cook them they’ve been sitting herefor about 15 15 minutes while we’ve beenwaiting for you soaking up the gettingrehydrated so those are our cherries inthis recipe which the whole thingsounded so cool so we’re going to getstarted here with our sugars so this ishalf a cup I got two sticks of butter inthe mixer already and then I’m going toput a half a cup here of dark brownsugar it’s what I have I think therecipe says light brown but we’reputting dark because what I have andit’s what I preferanyway I use it in everything so darkbrown sugar half a cup half a cup ofwhite sugar sugar and we’re going to getthat mixing so let’s get that going herehalf a cup here we go mix away[Music]the way here how is everyone today Iknow I’m grim 42 Erica loyal loyalwatcher[Music]let’s get it mixed up right hereAaron are you guys today[Music]we are making a special chocolate chipcherry cookie recipe we’re also going tomake granola to use up the things inyour pantry and we are also going tomake a special cocktail at the end so Iam just getting going here with thebutter and the sugar for the cookiedough and I will get this mixed up herewhy and we can see if we can makeanother flower clown when we put theflour in[Music]I know you’re a winner no matter whatErica you’re a winner girl you’re awinner in my eyes always okay so aboutthe sugar and the the two sugars and thebutter in there so I’ve got two eggsfilled in here and then I’m going to puthere a teaspoon of vanilla and ateaspoon also of almond extract so itget those measure because you knowalmond extract goes a long way if you’venever used it before you use it verysparingly so almond I got a quartergoing in and then I’m going to use ateaspoon of vanilla with the cap on thatphone spilling all over the place hereteaspoon of vanilla which I always usevery generously and we’ll give that awhirl with the eggsa cup and a half of flour get that[Music]Miki’s are you we’re making 50today and granola and a specialtycocktail we got it going on today[Music]they’re my eggs mixed in here with thebutterno they’re getting going they’re gettingmixed inhere[Music]okay scrape this down again I don’t knowwhy today my things want to get up thebowl but they do today of course becauseyou guys are watching me just like Ijust had a zoom call that I ended updoing on my cell phone cuz I couldn’tget my computer to boot up right youknow it’s just because when you need ityou need it technology at its finestI didn’t slow it down no problems havethe call amazing awesome solemnisegonzales you’re watching amazinginformationokay that looks good we are mixed up soI’m going to put the first cup of flourin here I’m going to drop the bowlbecause you know this is flour cloudcountry here and then another half a cupI will get going here cup and a half offlour or putting in these and then inhere I will put our salt and soda bymeasuring item white here so we’re gonnado here cuz I’ve never made these beforeso it’s gonna make sure I get ourmeasurements right so a quarter teaspoonof sodaI’ll get my quarter going on herequarter and then salt is a half ateaspoon of salt so we’ll get that goingin here yummy these cherries smells sogood we have going be hung behind us sothere’s a half a teaspoon of salt I’mgonna dump that in okay here we go mixthat in these are the cherries I use forthis here I just got aseries and I have them in the soft airbehind me and a sort of a cup of thespecialty cherry liqueur and twotablespoons of water and they arerehydrated back therehey that looks good okay this mixture Igot it all in thereflour stopping so that deviled eggsvanilla vanilla okay we got it so nowwe’re going to use a cup of you know myfavorite here the guitar best chocolatechips ever I already found the bag opensI’m only using half a bag so I’m goingto use half a bag of chocolate chips inhere and then we’re going to use half abag of white chocolate chips here ofcourse I’m also using it’s hard the fastare the best nothing but the best if youwant the best by guitars they’re myfavorite a cup of those come in and thenwe’re going to use our cherries here andthen and our cherries will show you whatthey look like rehydrated if you guyscan see here I just rehydrated them inthis cherry liqueur and a little bit ofwater so we’re going to dump ourcherries in which very I’m gonna dropthis down get them in the bowl not allover the placeso we’ve been rehydrating those forabout 15-20 minutes or so and we’regetting those in there oh my goodnessyeah gonna mix those in real quickmy head Kelly scale everybody we aremaking a specialty chocolate cherrypeach chocolate chip and cherries that Igot on a bone Appetitin 2008 since you have been collectingthe recipes for many many years and hereis the dough for this which I’m going toroll into my slice and bake rolls likeyou’ve seen me do and so we have it soit’s easy I’m delivering dinner tonightso there will be some cookie dough inthose deliveries for tonight’srecipients of some of the Swedishmeatballs that we’ve made yesterdaythey’re going to be better today becausethey’ve been sitting in the fridgeovernight you know they always getbetter and get better with time yummy soI’m going to move this out of the waybut first I need to taste it becauseit’s cookie donuts right in front of meso hold on I want to see what thosecherries taste like oh wow yes deliciousthey’re not even cooked yet yummy holdon rinse off the teaspoons I’m gonna usethe teaspoon here the one I didn’t eatout of that’s the one teaspoon here butthat don’t stick my finger in there okayI need to move this and get it on theway for our next recipe we’re gonna makegranola look at that out of the way sohold on I have everything for this in mypantry so here we gocanola next recipe nowI have never made it before fulldisclosurebut I love it and I buy this certain onethat I like at Winco in those you knowbulk bins but the bulk bins are not youknow available right now they do havesome prepackaged if there’s things thatthat you like so this actually didn’tpull up my recipe for this but Iremember what it was so it’s four cupsof oats my recipes on my phone since myphone is in front of me in a mount we’regonna wing it on this three going in andthen I’m gonna do three-quarters of acup of walnuts and I’m not gonna chopthem because I like my nuts to becrunchy put a cup of walnuts just youknow pull you can chop them up a bit ifyou like them shut that way but I likethem chunky and the science they’llbreak down as you as we toss it and makeit into the historic container you canactually store this what the recipe wassaying in the freezer which I had neverthought about which I thought you knowI’m gonna put it in little sandwichsized bags and those snack sized bags sothen it’s in the freezer you just grabit and go for a snack that corrects totake for a snack I thought that was agreat idea because usually I keep thegranola in one of those you know plasticcup and write things with a lid becauseI buy it like I said it went oh in thebulk bin and then I have a cerealcontainer thing I use but the freezer Ithought was a great idea so that’s a cupof walnuts and a cup of slivered almondsI put in here we’re making granola guysfor those you guys have just joined andthen I’m going to put a bit just asmidgen here of some cinnamon and I tooka half a cup of whole a second it’s goodI took the total it’s supposed to be ahalf a cup of coconut pull-off oil whichis this stuff the coconutyou know the sound stuff that’s reallyabout a quarter cup of this and aquarter cup of peanut butter and I putit in the microwave just to kind of getit into more of a liquidy form so I canput it in here to be our liquid for ourCronulla and so I’m just mixing up thepeanut butter here a look a little bitwith our oil and I’m gonna dump it inhere your Brour glue our granola so that’s going innot all my peanut butter but melted butit will when we cook it so that’s goingin so I’m going to mix this up I’m gonnaput some enough salt in here I want allmy oats to get you know moist so thatthey’ll get crispy when you bake itanybody makes Cronulla anybody have tipsand tricks on bookswe’re on making sure knowledge if Inever have made it but I know everyonehas stocked up their pantries and whatare they gonna do with all this so thisis what I’m doing with mines and I’vegot a couple pumps in here peanut butterbut someone’s gonna get lucky when theykiss it better I want that all to be wethere I’m gonna put a little bit in alsoup some honey hey Jamie Jenkins how areyou girl oh thanks for watching my deardear friend Sheila’s daughter Jamieawesome how is Maryland today we aremaking granola we just made somechocolate chip cookie dough which I willtell you about hey Janet you might knowthis recipe is from Bon Appetit in 2008as to this cook you know I just made ohmy gosh but it’s from a place calledicing on the cake in Los Gatos sincethat place still there but that’s wherethis that cookie recipes from it justlooked so cool and different twists oncookie dough okay so we’ve got ourgranola here I’m put a little bit ofsalt on here I put a little bit ofcinnamon in there and see the recipe onthis we’re winging it but I’m sure it’sgonna be yummy now I have on here mytray coconut because I love it andraisins and craisins and you couldactually put chocolate chips and thingsin this I don’t like my Mike or doll asweet look like that but I will add thefruit any kind you have if you likeapricots or plum prunes or whatever youhave dates would be yummy too but I addthat you add the fruit after it comesout of the oven so it doesn’t burn onceit’s a little cooled you put the fruitin and mix it in and the coconut I’mactually going to add half way throughthe cooking so I’m going to just getthis started I have the oven preheatedat 275 low-and-slow is the trick togranola I’m going to put it in for about30 to 45 minutes maybe an hour just topen to just have to look at it and seebecause you don’t want to get too Brownoh yeah Oh gingerbread housesoh yeah for sure okay Julie do I haveeverything in here before I throw it onour baking tray I think I do my sistersent this one in I think it needs alittle I’m gonna put a little bit morehoney on there just just because I canjust because I’m standing here Janetknow if that place is still there andlost together but thisthis recipes okay so I’m going to takeour oats here and our walnuts andalmonds and throw it on our tray ofcourse Macy’s tray with parchment hereand I’m gonna press it down spread itout so it’s over the whole tray becausethey were saying there’s some tricks tomaking clumps and I definitely want tohave clumps when this is done and then Iwill mix in the coconut halfway throughso in about I’ll put it in the oven andthen I’m about 50 or 20 minutes or soI’ll sprinkle the coconut in and give ita stir all around and then let it keepcooking so there we gogranola pantry granola I’m going to callthis and it’s built in let’s set thetimer there so I don’t forget to put mycoconut in half way through okay now weare gonna make a specialty cocktail andI’m gonna tell you a little bit aboutthis because I had to go to three orfour stores to find this specialtyliqueur that we just soaked the cherriesin for our cookie dough it’s calledcherry herring or hearings htering and I want to tell you a little bitabout it because I didn’t know and theliquor stores I like to they all seem toknow what it was but they didn’t have itbecause it’s been around since 1818 soI’ll tell you about it made in Denmarkfor nearly 200 years cherry liqueurcreated by Peter hearing infuses neutralspirits with local cherries and spicedgiving it a complex sweet but a littletart character that’s perfect forcocktails so then I thought hmmm maybewe should make a cocktail and not justmake cookie dough so one of the famousdrinks that’s made with this liqueur isa Singapore sling so if you’ve had aSingapore sling this is one of theingredientsthat drink but I thought this onesounded even better to me than theSingapore sling because that drink it’svery sweet it has pineapple and it hasanother specialty liqueur in it calledBallentine which I also have never haddidn’t know what it was but this one’scalled easy cherry soda and I thoughtwell that sounds good let’s give that awhirl so we’re going to try our newliqueur we just discovered in ourcocktail the science in our cookie doughso in this we are going to do and I justdid the measurement calculation 1/8 of acup which I have one this is 1/8 is oneounce so easier for my mind to work inmeasuring cups than in shot glasses soin this I’m going to put in my shakerwhich is right here ready to go and ofcourse we have some Grey Goose hereplumbing it my water on my shaker that’sbeen patiently waiting for its turn herein cocktail land and I’m going to putone and a half ounces and this is 1/8 ofa cup 1/8 I’m going to put it in theshaker and we’re gonna do one and a halfounces so one and a half of these inhere and we may have a new cocktail forour zoom happy hours guys and ourliqueur it does how like a cork thing3/4 of an ounce of the cherry liqueur soone of these almost full 3/4 okay andthen we’re gonna put 3/4 of an ounce offreshly squeezed lemon juice so you knowI just squeeze this lemons off the treeso 3/4 of an ounce so I think I mightneed 3/4 an ounce and 1/4 of an ounce ofsimple syrup so I made it I made somesimple syrup in the microwave real quickand so 1/4 of an ounce is fake like 1/4of this tightso just a flash of simple syrup syrupsimple syrup is equal amounts sugar andwater you usually do it in a saucepanuntil it all gets incorporated and meltand made into just a liquid like a thicksugary liquid so that’s what simplesyrup is just water and sugar warmed upand then we are going to shake this upsimple syrup hogwash top with club sodaso I need a soda honey can you get me asoda club soda carry a bottle we’regoing to top this with soda okay so herewe go on our cherry soda Wow and you’renot wanting to shake this all over theplace like a dinner party plan so youguys are interested in meat organizingthe recipes and Skyy things for avirtual dinner part of party let me knowmake it easy for you so all you have todo is you know get the stuff and haveall the meals to you and all yourfriends can make the same meal I’mthinking about organizing something likethat where you can all be having thesame thing for dinner and have anorganized zoom kind of a dinner partybut I’ll do all the organization andsend you all the recipes and show youhow to make them if you want me to and Ithought that would be a fun thing withall the questions and comments I’ve beengetting I am happy to do a zoom cocktailparty class so our splash of club sodais not going to fit in this flash holdon let me first of all just want to takea sip of this so this is our cherry sodacocktail oh my goodnessthat is yummy and you could put somesoda splash on top of that if I had oneI do have one but I’m have any room sothat is a really cool different tastefor sure and that is all made with thischerry hearing that they do happen atmemo because that’s where I finally hadto go to get it and uh that can be a funnew cocktail for your cocktailrepertoire okay yeah how fun was thatso this cookie dough I will definitelytry this out but it is yummy that Isoaked the cherries in this liqueur andI think they’re going to be justepically good but I will report backonce I bake some and let you know andthen I will definitely take somepictures of this granola once I get theraisins in it and the craisins and thecoconut once it comes out and we willhave our first batch of homemade granolawhich looks yummyso hey Jen and Laura and Heidi and Kellyhi guys welcome Kelly our big winnerfrom yesterday and who is our big winnergoing to be for today is it going to beErica on a second let me rinse off myhands real quick and we will draw ourwinner for today winner winner and it isgonna be let’s see here there’s mylittle Bowl how about my ingredients uphereI just couldn’t decide up all my thingswe have a very fun show on deck for our30th show in April tomorrow but our 40thepisode since March 17 and today we’regoing to be doing another set of theseBBQ myths so you don’t burn your mythswith the shredding when you make yourmeat and you need to shred it it givesyou the force to shred it and then oneof our winners had a great idea use itas a back scratcher and I thought wowthat’s a cool idea so you have a newtool for your back scratching needs andI do not want to spill my fancy cocktailthere my cherry soda withthe soda and I will but I want it to bein a pretty glass for you guys perdyokay here we goin our ball if you have liked orcommented on any of these cooking videosyou are in the ball and today’s letteris dipped it in get one out of thebottom here cap Jones cat Jones you arethe winner of the barbecue mix and Iwould think these would work well forcatching fish too because they havelittle Nubby’s autumn so those slipperylittle suckers won’t get away from youso Kat Jones you are a winner then let’ssee Erica I’m pulling for you girlOh Gabrielle Roberts winner winner Gabiyou’re a winner today with the mitts forthem it’s barbecue mitts I’m sure yourkids can come up with some ideas maybeyou can make them into a puppet but thewith the Miss if they can make puppetanimals anyway so that is our show fortoday thank you so much for watching weare excited to come back tomorrow withour April 30th special show we’re goingto be doing tomorrow we will be hereevery day in April that’s just leavestomorrow 3:00 o’clock live and for therecipe of the day and if you guys areinterested in me putting together avirtual dinner party for you guys youcan have with your friends I’m happy todo that let me know if you’re interestedand I will work on that so thank you allfor watching we love you this has beenso much fun and tune in tomorrow at 3o’clock for enough[Music]

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