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How to make colourful giant chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate chip cookie Recipe
caster sugar 200g- 1cup
butter 200g- 1 cup
flour 350g- 2+1/2 cup
eggs 2
vanilla essence 1 tsp
chocolate chips 150g- 1 cup
oven temperature 180 c
any food colours you can use(only few drops)

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music]hey guys it’s me hofstra and my sisterhadika from egg sisters and today we aregonna docolorful giant cookiesi’m so excited i’m so much excited solet’spop up on the cookies so now we areready to makecookie dough yes i am so excitedhmm[Music]lookokay oh no the butter is stuckyou have to mix it till it’s becomecreamy[Applause]my hands are getting tiredi think we’re done now we are addingeggsand vanilla essencei can’t break the egg like this ithought i canoh my god fineoh my godisso now we’re gonna add some flouroh my godthis ismy door’s almost done almost doneand it keeps sticking in therewhat isnow you’re gonna add chocolate chipsbecause we are making chocolate chip[Music]cookiesyummy[Applause]amazing[Music]let’s see who can mix it the fastestokay it’s super easy to mix itoh no the pink is super light i’m justtiny bit because the food coloring isvery strongso our favorite favorite colorsmix[Music]my favorite color is orangeokay i’m done with purplei said look at your lips and tongue it’sblueshow yours your is more bluer than minemixing part is the best wow your bluecolor is so beautiful adikathank you you chose a good choicewell my black is what similarto purple treethis is black and this is purplecool yummynow i’m gonna mix it remember what colorwas thisi think this was[Music]oh this looks like red[Music]and don’t forget to subscribeyes whoa my red and pink looks so coolit looks like brown dewy show themit mostly looks like brown[Music]foreignthis black is looking weird i know butit’s cool for meit looks cool[Music]ta-dawhoa hadika you’re using blue and i’musing blue that’s so amazing sameand yeah do you want to do a raceno please okaywho can do it the firstso this is how much i did[Music]why are you changing your mind again andagain mine will be the best itemmine will be the bestso what do you think about my clockas you know what do you think abouti have no idea what is this[Music][Music]so as you guys can see the cookie isreadyoh noyummyso subscribe share hit the bell gettogether and thumbs upyes and comment down below which cookielike you like the better[Music]and and it’s

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