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Part 2 how to make cookies

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Video Transcription

again we had to lick um and the clipright there because it won’t be likethis so we had to need some help so weended the we came back and okay okay nowyou do you pick up some then if this nookay so you pick up you pick up some ofthese miss Connie Connie okay thenyou’re gonna go 90he’s lucky cookie but why does havebrothers bakery coming here only $1cookies hi guys the qualities are highthat’s too closeI know there we go yeah perfect perfectvery perfect everybody no no big one forthem oh yeah be good for the middle allright that this biggest one actuallyever break from guys this one is jointexactly just very destroyed everybodywith my little first anyways they’relike become bigger yeah so you don’thave to yeah look at my look at mybrother yeah but don’t touch anythingnow give it for the bill[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah that’s the biggest one this is Debyou must stop because you yeah exactlyno look okay so guys and the video righthere okay see you next time and clickthe medal and subscribe and die andcomment down below if you which whichother video we should do yeah you knowwait waitthe bed looks like this guy’s the belllooks like this yeah and you click itthree times one two three then he kicksthe subscribe prove itthree times two by smashing listen yougo like this oMG I octaves you can bringyour katana or something it’s still fromDeadpool or something then you destroyyou okay bye bye and do what I saydestroy that like button and subscribeand click the bell manbye MA bye bye

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