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Day in My Life: making cookies

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]my canvassing I’m ticked off where likeyou take your like empty candles and youput them in hot water and you get thelittle things I want thing to meltedthough some Yiddish Lanza quirky have toquarantine I would give those things tolike no although accident but right nowhe’s gonna see if he doesn’t melting itwouldn’t even work and I was gonna waittill I had a bunch of candles and wellyou know like hercandles so yeah I’m not doing thatuntil she hears this I’ve been to like awhole lot I’m glad it didn’t happen Imean maybe it didn’t tell me my shirtsbut happened totally every pair of pantsI put into this load of laundry so I putin I put it in I take it all my stuffout of the dryer it’s they’re completelyempty like you know it’s like all overmy clothes exactly Stan’sit’s on everything[Music]but like I really didn’t know I put itin obviously oh my god look like agrandma like with my hair make somecrinkle cookies grandma anyways he’slike he’s like oh I saw my made thembecause he had other cookies that Iliterally made like God do you send methe recipe or somethingso ya know two hours overnight orsomething so yeahokay time for a voiceover some how tomake cookies as you already know butyeah first thing I gotta set up themixer put on a paddle attachment and I’mgonna teach you how to make the cookiesoh yeahlet’s do it first you gotta read therecipe obviously and right now I’mfilling up my sugar and I got how does Iusually do and I don’t know probablyspill to sugar and there’s me filling itup yeah ok so right now I’m just gettingingredients and one thing to know is youshould totally keep track of the numbertime so I put my thumb’s up in this kindof ridiculous so yep there’s one okay soI first thing is butter and you’re gonnaneed one stick and you want to soften ityou probably should but I just decidedto break it in halfright now I realized that I did not washthe thing thing so I went to wash it andI put it on and I think I I don’t know Igot scared so yeah put the other half inthumbs up thumbs up now you need a cupof sugar no half a cup and then you mayneed half a cup of brown sugar light ordark writed light and you should pack itand now I almost made the sake of notcovering your mistake you should if notyou’re gonna make mess I’m bad at thisvoice over thing you probably realizesorry for this that’s what it shouldlook like when you’re done he sits withmine look like now you’re adding one eggand just watch this this is kind offunny this is me doing the like vanillaI didn’t think it was good yes I amtasting the vanilla I don’t knowtell me I don’t know if Anil is gooddefinitely even go bad it’s a genuinequestion I would I don’t I what couldn’ttell if I should put it in but I did itanyways so you’re supposed to put in Idon’t know a teaspoon and then that’swhat it looks like after you mix it andthen you should put in how much ohflour a cup of flour and mix it then youshould put in half a cup and 2tablespoons of cocoa powder I made amess spilled yeah and then I didn’t careand I just took it off the counter andput it in don’t tell anybodyyep gotta clean it up and then you needlike Oh fourths of an eighth of ateaspoon of so and you can see thatshe’s fond of Arizona yeah eat somechocolate chips don’t do what I didand how would how would a cup of andthat’s what it should look like or atleast that’s what mine looked like itwasn’t sticky like the recipe said itshould be so maybe don’t follow me butyeah that’s the dough put it in thefreeze fridge for like two hours orovernight and cover anything I don’tknow so it’s sling cling wrap cleanup Idon’t know and yeah that’s what theylooked like when they were done so Ifinished the cookies oh yeah goodbyeI don’t feel me anymore that video loserlike the video ID like ten minutes soand don’t feel like making like a 20minute video so yeah goodbye

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