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How to Make My cookies

Here is the recipe:
Dry ingredients:
1 tsp of baking soda
approx 1/2 tsp of salt
2 1/4 – 3 cups of flour
approx 2 cups of chocolate chips
Wet ingredients:
2 cups of butter
3/4 sugar
3/4 brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs

1. set the oven to 325 degrees
2. mix flour, baking soda, and salt together.
3. mix the butter, brown sugar, sugar and vanilla extract together till well mixed.
4. add one egg at a team and mix till the creamy
5. add the flour in slowing and mix at a low speed. the dough should hold together.
6. add the chocolate chips in slowly while the mixer is on.
7. place the dough on a baking sheet
8. place in the oven for about 11-15 minutes (take out one the cookie how a golden brown color to it.
9. let the cookies cool down for 10 minutes.

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Video Transcription

hey everyone it’s Gabewhy sure use your self this is shortyanyway so welcome to this video bypopular demand it’s do you guys keepasking me to make you guys cookies I’mgonna teach you how to do it yourself Ialso bring is it may be my say okay so36 first we have also here because she’sgonna be the dummy and the tester to doit herselfcuz I’m too lazy to actually do it it’sbeen a teaspoon of baking sodamake sure it’s yeah one whole teaspoonisn’t this tableno that’s teaspoon high post-editinggape um just to reclassify if youhaven’t figured it out yet the recipefor one serving of cookies is oneteaspoon not tablespoon teaspoonremember that it’s very important thisis where the dress be afraid usually youwant a tablespoon of salt but I don’tplan and tablespoon of saltI don’t flow up the whole a table to meper teaspoon I keep – a tablespoonit’s a teaspoon okay now does the messyearth the flower so now you need to flipof a cup but I usually just do like Idon’t so yeah to come to Anna for butthe why different why do different myrecipe is a set of tuna for i usually goa little bit over I don’t go over threecops so and honestly like I think showit off two or three firstbecause it’ll start to it the bad startsto get dry I mean there’s alwaysdifferent ways to modify cookie recipeit all depends on what you do with theflour and the wet ingredients becausethe B that’s for the white ingredientsjust don’t fill it all the way up Idon’t even I do usually warm up for itanyway that’s fine that’s probably thatit’s like if you look at it okay we’regonna have I can tell it’s good allright so you should so the drew theseare the dry ingredients you’re gonna sawthese times you don’t use these twolater okay so now it’s time to do thewet ingredients so first things firstthe white ingredients you have your twosix a bun umfriendly reminder when you’re makingcookies obviously the butter out acouple like hours beforehand so I fullylike so it’s thought similarly it isn’tfrozen because you really can’t mixfrozen butter with your handsyeah but you have to keep turning itbecause it it doesn’t it heats unevenlyokayso then so the butter II been eatingthree parts a cup of sugar and sugar andthree quarts of sugar sugar and a willbe sugar brown sugar that’s because youforgot to put in the vanilla extractGabe so you want to put in one teaspoonof vanilla extract for your wetingredients so that it mixes well andwhen you combine the dry and the wettogether you can always put it in afterif you forget but it might not be fullymixed in and that could make the cookietaste bad okay so then make sure youlock your own mixers and then you justmix it until it’s stirred and greenonce you get into like this consistencyI can lift the thing up it’s all hardlike where it looks like the sugar andthe brown sugar and the butter all makespretty well what you want – one at atime put the eggs into the aam mixer andthen mix it then once it’s once that eggis well mixed umyou put the other one in so thank youDadso we just put the second again andagain you pretty much what’s it soundreally nice creamy consistency thenyou’re pretty good with the UM the winegreensokay so what’s what’s the wine gradesare at a nice wet consistency where it’snot really holding together well thatmeans they’re done and now the next stepis combining your way of your dryingredients together for you rememberthis is slowly so you don’t want toomuch flour in the wet ingredientsbecause if he turned the mix around toomuch flour in it it’s just gonna goeverywhere and you also don’t turn theblender too quickly[Music][Applause]are you that bad we were even do youwant to go to waronce your um your batter looks like thisI mean you can give it a little tastethat’s a on taste how it feels itdoesn’t taste good I mean without thechips then all you have to do is mix inthe chips now usually the recipe callsfor two cups of chocolate chips I liketo go a little bit more sometimes alsowe’re doing something different we’reall I want I didn’t have chocolate chipsso I went to Drug Mart and all they haveour chocolate chunks most of the batterends up sticking on the mixer which is agood thing because that means it’s notgonna fall apart or anything and thatlooks sticky I guesshow’s it taste do you taste the vanillaso for this step I set the Crouchyou can get the batter if I can just butif I can just get the dough out in theback thing it’s all stuckI should okay so now we just take thebatter and what I usually use as an icecream scooper there’s sometimes cookiescoop some people might cookie scoopersand if you are you must be one of thoselucky people that paper chef my broke soyou know hi this is PO static gate sojust to clarify them some things that Ihaven’t really said you should like toroll the cookie dough up before I putthem on the tray mainly because whenthey cook in the oven they look smootherand everything and also it’s easier tolook at the size and the portions her toeach other and so they’re evenly sized alot better I mean you don’t have to dothat also of the oven I usually set iton 325 degrees and they usually cookaround 11 or 13 minutes some ovens umthey can cook faster slower I just Idon’t know why it’s just the way theheat works in the oven usually thoughthe first tray the first two trays takelonger to cook because they’re notwarmed up yet so sometimes it takes like15 minutes I would keep an eye on themthe goal is for them to have like agolden-brown color or to still be like afairly like tannish color if it’s darkbrown then they’re overcooked and whenthey cool down they’re gonna be a lotharder to bite into so remember thatwhen you make your cookiesanyway so that’s it for making thecookies um I’m gonna list ingredientseverything down below in the commentsfor you guys look at it so thanks forwatching I ain’t gonna take a shower nowsomeone decided through an excess amountof flour on my face bye

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  2. I give you a tip,you can use baking tray and if you want the ice cream to turn into a nice roll don’t put too thick

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