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Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill DEMO – Hamburgers – Bacon – Steak – BAKING COOKIES – How well does it cook?

Showing you how well it cooks – Hamburgers – bacon- steak and dven baking cookies

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

all right back at it with the ninjafoodie grill tonight I’m gonna cook somebacon with my burger the steak I hadlast night was awesome super super juicyfive minutes to preheat eight minutes tocookawesome can’t beat that so now I’m gonnatry it air frying bacon I said it’s a350 degrees on air crisp it haspreheated and I was telling me to addthe bacon I’m gonna throw in you knowsix slices if it’ll fit and hopefullygets this stuff I love my bacon extraextra crispy so eight minutes might beperfect it might be not long enough thisshould shrink it’s hot in here I everjust gonna do four and we’ll see howthat turns out I’m gonna get I was gonnado a tea pot actually I put some ninejust in case eight isn’t long enough[Music]all right I will be back in nine minutesI’ll show you how it looks hopefully itturns out super crispy and is deliciouswhoops I forgot to check it before the 9minutes was up so hopefully they’re notsuper super super burnt crispy buthopefully very crispy let’s find out whothose looks freaking good yeah those aregonna get extra crispy once they cooldown nice oh that’s not super supersuper crispy I mean it is but it’s notlike burnt crisp it’s like nine minutesto me is it it’s perfectall right guys to me this looksexcellent definitely have a nicecrispness still bendable withoutbreaking so I think this is likeperfectly cooked this is gonna beawesome on my burger so this thing cando bacon as well very nicelyI’ll let you know how the burger is abacon so now I’m gonna make a burger sowhat I need to do for that is I justswap out this to the air fryer crisperswap it out for the grill you switchedit to grill and you put it down tomedium for the burger and pretty bishopread pretty quick as is already at 350stripeyslike a foot morning sirthey’re goodherecome back downall right so I’m cooking another burgerand when I hear crisp that bacon it wassuch a 350 for nine minutes the burgertakes eight minutes I’m just gonna throwsome bacon in there and as well and justsee how it goesit should pretty much cook the sameexactly that bacon was excellent if Sunjust tore it up and now he wants tenmore pieces he said and he’s a verypicky picky eatercan’t fit much in there so I only justgreat that’s kind of overlapping as ashrink so I’m gonna let this go foreight minutes all right it is done witha burger and bacon as you can hear thereis a ton of grease and they’re boilinglet’s see how they looked wow I reallymade a big difference i bacon that’ssuper super well doneburgers are basically perfect bacon thisthe difference between 350 and 450suspect it might even be room that’sgonna be insanely crispy but the barrieronce again is perfectly cooked I’mlooking forward to eating that I lovethis thing so far all right on to thenext thingI decided to try baking in this thingso about some little brownies of peanutbutter chips on and we’re gonna try tobake these in the ninja video accordingto the tips and tricks eat the baconrest you just want to take off 25degrees of what it recommends on thepackage of whatever you’re cooking sopretty simple I’m just gonna preheat itto 325 bake 325 and set this to acomplete heat should pretty prettyquickly since the only 325 bites theyall right three to four minutes max allright I just popped it open let’s seehow they look looking pretty goodactually I think they might already bedone rather than the 20 to 22 minutetime frame all right that’s a cut underand see for this done is done so thecooking time is definitely off from whatthe magazine says or the booklet to whatis reality so you know when you firstuse this machine go definitely have tomess around with it and see what worksfor you and then just remember it sothat’s easy to do so yeah so these aredefinitely done and on my next videoI’ll mention them and let you know howthey were thanks for watching and pleaselike and subscribe thankshey what’s going on I’m gonna cook somesteak in this right nowit is thought out refrigerated says onhigh for 9 to 11 minutes I’ve alreadypreheated it on high and I’m gonna doabout 8 minutes because I’ve noticedthese time shirts are a little bit toowell done though pretty much burn yourfood so I’m gonna throw this chunk asteak when there’s not the biggest thingabout it 8 to 10everything lower this to eight minutesand we’ll see how it does says noflipping required okay yeah so for steakon high nine to 11 minutes once again itdoes say flip halfway through so dideight minutes I’m gonna come back aroundthe 3:30 to four minute markflip it over and we’ll see how it looksin eight minutes we’ll see how it looksthat we’re done looking goodthat’s a nice char marks I like my steakI’d say medium well or maybe a tiny bitmore pink than that but I don’t reallylike it running or bloodylet’s see if this can get to where Ilike it I’m gonna do about another threeand a half minutes four minutes andwe’ll come back and check it out allright we’re at about eight minutes totaleverything looking pretty good if youask me now how’s the center cooked Idon’t know the outside is pretty muchperfect when we have a knifeI don’t take an eye on the place to holdeach other they’re not on the scratchscratch the sevenwell that’s pretty much perfect ofcourse I forgot to ask seasoning and allthat to this but there’s a you Menacethat is I’d say that’s pretty muchspot-on for medium well what are youguys definitely not bloody with a littlehint of pink I’m excited for this it’sgonna be this would be a really goodreally good steak that’s that was supersuper easy I really like that I’m gonnacook a burger too which i’ve I’ve beenI’ve made probably five or six of thoseburgers now and they are really reallygood on this they stay super super juicy[Music]the burgers take right at eight minutesagain slap on the same spot will be finethere and these you don’t have to flip[Music]so once again what do you guys think 8minutes I’d say pretty much perfect it’snot burnedI say it’s cooked very very well thoughtof soda try those nice and super juicyalthough juiceall right the last thing or one of thelast things I need a try is chicken andthen I gotta get some shrimp fromsomewhere in try some shrimp so that’sthe steak I’ll let you know how it waswhen I cooked the next thing and we’llgo from therethanks for watching like and subscribeplease and often awesome day see you

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