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Video Transcription

maybe you guys welcome back to our
little house in the mountain and welcome
to our kitchen so today we are gonna be
making some grab-and-go power energy
cookies these delicious little snacks
are great for anytime you need to fill
your belly up with some energy goodness
or you are running on the go and need
something to grab they are packed with
antioxidants and energy boosting foods
so first things first I am going to set
my oven to 350 degrees
grab my wooden spoon large glass bowl
measuring cups and my main ingredient
bananas so for this recipe you are going
to want your bananas to be ripe now
depending on how ripe they are is going
to determine how chewy the cookie is and
also how sweet it is the riper the
banana the more of a chewy texture
you’re gonna get and also the sweeter
that it’s going to be so I’m just
peeling the bananas getting all of the
strings off and then I’m gonna break the
banana up into little chunks just to get
things started for myself and put them
into the bowl so once you have all of
your bananas in the bowl you’re just
going to mash them up with a fork or
whatever you like and this is going to
be the wet mixture part of your power
cookie along with a nut butter if you so
choose to add it now
the more that you mash this up obviously
the smoother of the consistency it’s
going to have if you like to have those
little bites and pieces of banana you
just wouldn’t mash it up as much but
you’re going to want it to be pretty
pureed and smooth as the base of this
cookie and remember that I will have the
full recipe along with the options that
you can use for this in the comments
section pinned below now onto the dry
part of this mixture we are going to be
putting in some oats I have some organic
extra thick rolled oats you could also
use quick oats if you want to or you can
use a mix of the two but these are the
ones that I really like and I will have
links to all of that stuff in the
description box below
and then I’m just going to be mixing in
making sure that I get all of the oats
completely coated in the banana
now if towards the end I noticed that
the mixture is a little bit wet I might
add an extra half a cup of oats but
again all of that information will be
down in the comment section pinned as we
go along with all of the ingredients I’m
gonna do them step by step so that I can
make sure that each single thing that
we’re putting in is equally getting
distributed among the oats now on to the
nut butter and this is just gonna give
the cookies that extra amount of protein
and bursts of energy I decided to use an
organic peanut butter but you could use
whatever kind of like almond butter
sunflower butter whatever kind you enjoy
and of course if you have allergies or
something in your house you can leave
this part out completely and again I am
just going to mix this until I feel like
it’s evenly distributed and all the oats
are coated onto some of my favorite
parts of this recipe vanilla and you
could add a he’s gonna extract if you
want or some other type but I really
like the way the vanilla tastes so I
have about a teaspoon of that and I am
just mixing that in and distributing it
among the oats and then yes cinnamon I
love cinnamon so I am putting a whole
heaping tablespoon of cinnamon but if
you like other type of spices like
allspice or nutmeg or pumpkin spice feel
free to add whatever you want to your
spicy delight and then again just mix
everything to make sure that every bit
of that cookie mixture has cinnamon so
this is where you can get really
creative with the topping so to today’s
batch I’m gonna add some dried
cranberries for that autumn color and
also some cacao nibs now cacao nibs are
gonna give it that little bit of bite
and they are also chock full of
antioxidants they are known as a
superfood and also sometimes known as
nature’s chocolate chip so some other
options may include unsweetened coconut
flakes chia seeds raisins dark chocolate
chips whatever you can dream up in your
kitchen and as you see again I’m just
getting these nice and evenly
we wouldn’t want anyone thinking that
someone else got more toppings in their
cookies would we as a side note I did
want to add that if these cookies are
not sweet enough for your family you
could add a little bit of raw honey to
them as the banana is the main sweetness
so I will be adding that option and the
recipe posted below so I just put a
little bit of water on my hand so that
the mixture wouldn’t stick one thing to
note about these cookies is that the way
that you place them on to the tray is
the way that they’re going to come out
they’re not going to grow and spread
like other cookies so the height and the
width and the shape that you put them on
to the tray or than that is generally
the way that they are going to come out
of the oven if you’re worried about
sticking you could just put a little bit
of avocado or coconut spray or something
on your tray and then I’m just going to
pop these into the oven at 350 degrees
for 12 minutes that has been the best
temperature in time for the batches that
I have made so far when your cookies
come out of the oven let them cool for
about 10 to 15 minutes and I must say
that I don’t think that any snack or
cookie is complete without a nice hot
cup of tea especially this time of year
so I poured myself a little bit of
rosehip hibiscus tea grabbed one of the
delicious cookies when they were all
done cooling off and yes I was able to
wait for 10 minutes it’s hard but I did
it and I’ve sprinkled mine with a little
bit of extra cinnamon on top for a
special treat you can see it right there
it’s so beautiful walked over to one of
my favorite spots by our picture window
with all of my herbs that I’ve been
harvesting and hanging there so I can
smell the lemon balm and the basil and
I’m pretty sure all obie smell and it’s
that cookie and wondering if he’s gonna
get one now the taste test
oh yes the oats the banana the cinnamon
the cranberries yep it was good and of
course in no downtime would be complete
without some good puppy snuggles and yes
don’t worry I gave them some treats of
their own so we all myself James
and the pups oh yeah and the chickens we
wanted to thank you guys so much as
always for coming back to our little
house in the mountain and being our
friends thank you to our patrons on
patreon for supporting the work here we
love you guys and we’ll see you on the
next one


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