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Cookie Crafter Make Amazing Cookie Shapes Unboxing

We made cool Cookie Crafter cookies and decorated them with lots of icing! Definitely an activity we will do again =)

From Cookie Crafter:

The cookie crafter is a fun and easy way to make unique cookie creations at home using your own Graham crackers and decorations. This battery operated unit is safe and easy; just place your Graham Cracker on the base, shape with the designed-for-safety cookie crafting tool, decorate and enjoy! includes 6 shape guides, a food mat and a decorating tool. Perfect activity year round and fun for the whole family!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi friend today we’re making the cookiecrafter cookies you can make agingerbread house you can make a flowergive me a circle or square okay we’regonna make a gingerbread house let’s doit yeah yeah first we start withgingerbread cookies let me warm up okaytake out your first cracker that’s bigenough to fill fit your mold and thenpress your mold down and we have twoparts over gingerbread house ready to goand now we have four squares we canfilter two different house purple icingand pipe it all around to make ourgingerbread hops our gingerbread houseis starting to look so cute yeah and nowwe’re gonna put more icing on top I’mgoing to use this bachelor to even theicing up Wow beautiful I’m good to taketiny rainbow fish and put it right ontopmine will be super pink cannoli or youblending them together that’s makingpurple icing then I’m going to use thisreally beautiful pink sugar and put iton top of my house[Music]this is kind of a messy job let’s take alook at our awesome gingerbread houselooks like we blew big rainbow sprinklesmy whole beautiful hearts it’s full ofeverything[Music][Music][Music]

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