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How to Make my Oreo Cookies and Cream Fudge Recipe | Only 3 Ingredients

Fudge. One of life’s many guilty pleasures. This one isn’t your traditional fudge recipe, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less indulgent! White chocolate is my absolute favourite (if I HAD to choose!), and cookies & cream biscuits are just too easy to keep eating – especially when you add Oreos!

This fudge is definitely one for the sweet-toothed folk out there, like myself (raises hand proudly), I could eat this ALL DAY.

Let me know how you enjoy this: I always love to hear from you guys! 🙂

Andrea x

Oreos Cookies and Cream Fudge Recipe
16 oz white chocolate, broken into pieces
condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp salt
24 oreo biscuits, broken into roughly quarters

Put all ingredients except the Oreos into a large microwave-safe bowl, and melt together for 10-20 second bursts, stirring in between, until melted. Fold through the biscuits, place in your 8″ x 8″ lined tin and put in the fridge to set for a couple of hours. Cut into chunks to serve (or eat as a giant block of fudge, if that’s what’s needed!). Enjoy! 🙂

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Video Transcription

white chocolate cookies and cream fudgeyou cannot go wrong welcome to my supersimple cookies and cream fudge recipe[Music]first things firstwhite chocolate all I have here in mybowl is white chocolateI’ve broken it up into pieces and I’mgoing to put all my most of myingredients apart from one into themicrowave to melt it all together sointo my bowl with the white chocolateI’m going to put some condensed milk Idon’t know about you but as a child Iwished I could drink this as milkinstead of having regular milk obviouslyI didn’t so would have given made mevery very ill but I’m sure every childaround the world he tried condensed milkever has thought that oh that last bitout and my children now will fight me tohave all the condensed milk out of thetin if I leave any behind that’s all thecondensed milk into that I’m also goingto put some vanilla just enhances theflavor really well and some salt becausesalt is always important in all ourcooking there you go so that’s my fouringredients in there I’m just going tomelt it all together in short bursts inthe microwave until it’s all dissolvedand then we will sort the cookies aftermy microwave whilst doing it so I do 20second bursts at a time and as it meltsdown the time will get more or lessdepending on how it goes so we’ll takeawhile to get started but once it’sgoing it’ll go really quick so obviouslya few morein between every melting in themicrowave it’s always a good idea topull it out and just give it a littlemove around just to make sure thatyou’re not burning your chocolate sothis because this was my first onenothing much is going to happen but I’mjust going to give it all a swirl twirlaround so that my salt and my vanillaare getting mixed as it’s melting backin we gookay let’s have a look at this well thisis looking goodexcellent so all my chocolate has meltedtogether we can see how thick and creamythat is that is just perfect right meanto leave that aside just for a moment inhere I’ve got some oreo biscuits and allI have done with most of them to showyou is I’ve just broken them into aboutquarters depends on how they break so Itry and do quarter pieces they’llthey’ll all go in there in a minute andthey’ll get stirred together roughly aquarter sized pieces of Oreos all ofthose are going to go into here and I’mgoing to mix them through and then thisgoes in my tin and into the fridge toset simple as that just gonna stir itall through it’s a bit hard to startwith because the pieces of Oreo are allloose but once they get stuck togetherwith the fudge it becomes a lot easiernow this fudge is as you can imagine itcan be quite sweet so I actually cutmine into tiny bite-size pieces and thatway you can have as many as you wantwithout having to be committed to havingone big chunk there we gothat was it all done so all I have to donow is pop this in there spread it outto make sure it gets in the corners andthen pop it in the fridgesometimes because of the big bits ofcookie it’s really hard to push it inbut if you just wriggle have a wrigglearound it will find its way in I like totry and make sure the top is nice andsmooth just because it’s going to set asyou leave it so if you have a reallybumpy top you’ll have some parts of yourfudge being much thicker than others andit just goes in the fridge for a coupleof hours and then you can cut it up intowhatever size chunks you prefer I tendto cut mine about three centimetersthree by three squares but you can cutthem bigger or smaller it worksabsolutely fine you may find it may be abit hard when it’s just come out of thefridge seam I need to leave it out forabout half an hour before you can cut itbut it cuts really easily and it’sabsolutely delicious hope you’ve enjoyedthis see you next time

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