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Trying To Make Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookies | MALO

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel soblame a low or back here I’m going to betrying to make microwave toastermicrowave chocolate chip cookies I thinkmy brother said this already in my videobut yeah I already filmed a monkey videobut my social anxiety you might wish amic off this way so like yeah we thevideo so that’s like mmm and I wasspeaking patois and it’s not like it’snot like really anything like it’s hardto understand so just like other thingshappens to so same I thought oh reallyyeah um this shouldn’t be a long videoI’m going to be trying to make microwavecup chocolate chip cookies and that’s itso without further ado let’s get rightinto there did you see my brother Don myhead but the recipe it says this twotablespoons of butter 1 tablespoon ofbrown sugarthis isn’t bad if we have brown sugarnow I just don’t have to see anyways umbaking powder one um 1/4 teaspoon ofbaking powder 1/8 teaspoon of salt 1/4teaspoon of vanilla extract 3tablespoons of flour 2 tablespoon circlechips and give us it so when I get allthe ingredients prepared and start myingredients as you can see um we try todo everything by seeing it which is nota smart idea because we all know Malcolmis dumb but I’m gonna try to because whohas time for all those measuring cupsand all that so yeah hopefully it tastesgood probably but yeah we’re gonna startputting everything together alright sofirst it’s add two tablespoons of butterwhich I write here but I’m pretty surethey’re supposed to be melted orsomething so I’m gonna put that I’mgonna get that and be right back so yeahgive me a second okay I have the butterI’m sort of melted because when I put itin the microwaveit started to pop and when I had tonightso yeah next we have to use 1 tablespoonof brown sugar goes on a regular sugarbattle hard brown sugar so be nothing touse white sugar for me to open I’m so1/4 teaspoon of baking powderyouonefrom SeoulI know extra to 1/4three tablespoons of flouryouand because chocolate chips after thatmakes thisyouchocolate chips I just spilled them allover the floorlet me clean up a second up maybe somekneesyouoh it looks I look pretty good so soafter using what the ingredient – saysit’s saturated into a microwave friendlypoll there’s a blood count that’s goodand for 60 seconds[Music]and wait how are you guys doing how’sThomas quarantine Chaney is looking at amental breakdown before filming this soI’m still recovering but idea this videodone because you know what I’m gonna letthat stop me from getting concerts youvery so yeah[Music]show me the little thing Bocanegra yeahI look like ten different colorsanyways25 secondsscared is gonna make a big house so Ilooking when I go that way startsyeah I’m gonna make my brother try itI’m a compared to chocolate chip cookiethat yeah sweet content oh it’s donejust a quick prayer father we’re inheaven let this chocolate chip Bing notburn me I’ll taste like garbage and beedible and have a good lookso that people will like me in Jesusname I pray amenokay I hear something boiling you knowif it’s supposed to beso it looks nice what this is supposedto live I mean they say it is just don’tever go my dudeI mean ain’t mix it aroundso looksplease pray for me because we all knowthat just inedible so let me soon andhopefully I don’t get corona from thisboobs I mean does it have eggs you knowso I really can’t kill me okaythat’s nasty so um this is a completeutter fail I don’t think my brotherwould eat this let me get a real cutlucky I get it roped hold on let me geta row chuckle cookie chocolate cookie toshow you guys real quick owe me thisI think you’ll come up with somethinglooking like something like this like ahit cookie but I guess not this is thisis good oh well yeah this is obviouslythe end of the video because I feel um Iwas gonna get my birth date right butI’m pretty sure he’ll tell me no say myface probably throw me down the stairssomething like that around hereBM hope you guys liked it um leave inthe comments some other things you youwanna you want me to see you want to seeme try to make way out um I bet consultanother chef I’m not a baker I’m nothear that but I try you know sometimesit’s so hard but it’s okay we’ll getthrough it um yeahwish you guys like heart subscribefollow my social mediathe media’s follow on my social mediadown below and see you guys in the nextvideo which should be very very soonhopefully and love you guys and staysafe please refrain from going outsideif you don’t if it’s not necessarythings like go outside maybe to get foodor go to the to get any less nutsnecessitiesplease refer alongside thiscoronaviruses very serious is takinglivesum don’t think it won’t catch me becauseobviously you’ve seen what it’s beendoing they’re not the numbers havetripled and wouldn’t work so yeah umstay safe be great without further adopeace

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