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Butter Cookies

400 g of flour
200 g of butter at room temperature
200 g of powdered sugar
1 egg
1 pinch of salt

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Video Transcription

[Music]today we are going to make a battercookieslet’s start it’s really important thatthe batter is out of the fridge fiveminutes before startingso that is I don’t know to say the leasttemporal ambiente well and we are goingout from the fridge out from the fridgeyes and we’re going to need 400 grams offlour 200 grams of the batter withoutsalt we are going to need 200 grams ofblood sugar and 1 egg wait we startedokay and we hit before starting theiroven to 180 degrees in a bowl we aregoing to put the flour to the butter nono this and we are going to put thissugar the batter a little bit of saltand yet and we are going to mix it withour hands that’s why I’m I don’t havethis shirt hereokay now we have it oh it’s going tostick in your hands a lot but when it’slike this that you don’t know if it hasegg or bad fur or anything nothing youyou put it with a lot of flour in therein there base we put the mask and wewithout a video also to say it inEnglish we are all grown everyone we aregoing to Spanish or around a table okaynow we have the roller and we are goingto with the baking paper we are going toflip it like this so that is the rotorwe can multi muchI don’t know master months but it’sgoing to be like I start with of paper[Music]we’re okay I’m sure it’s measure okaythey’re here this heart it’s going tomeasure four millimeters yes for meliteraturelike we saw that it was horrible makingit in by the other way look at thatcookies they are horrible we madeanother trip we put the baking paper andwe extent extent the mass with theroller in in top of it and we put allthe decorations and now we’re taking ofthis pieces of the mass without movingthese ones make sure that it’s notreally then they are not touching a lotbecause they are going to go in the oventhis way then they are going to beperfect we just need to move them thistool hereholy holiday cookies and they’re goingto Twitter/ during 710 minutes depending on youroven be careful you don’t burn yourselfbecause times happens in the kitchenokay now to waitif you cannot see a finish and they’redelicious now they are going to start inthe decoration for that we are going toneed 90 grams of the white part of theegg again we are going to need glasssugar this time six thousand grams of ahundred 100 grams here it didn’t fit ina glass then we will just put in thebowl in the big vault no problem andfive drops of lemon juice yes lemonjuice and colorant like those ones thereones that you need for the colors ofyour cookies let’s start now we aregoing to put five drops of the lemoninside the white part of the egg becausethen we put it in the glass sugar and wejust mix okay now we put the white partof the egg with the lemon juice insidethe glass sugar and we help us with thisor a spoon or what you have at home forthat it doesn’t snow at the kitchen okaynow we the electric electricitybring the colorist we are going to Sapirthem in some balls we are going to makethe dark blue navy blue in this ballnow we have the color up in the postlike a statuewe have pink purple navy blue we have alot of colors and we are going to paintand then then you just really enjoy yourdrawing by to next videoyou

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