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Celebrations: How to bake Glazed Lemon Cookies

If you are like me you love having different and delectable desserts at every get together or party. ( we will eventually get to spend time together again) you will love these Glazed Lemon cookies! They are amazing, hope you enjoy!

Glazed Lemon Cookie

2C. Sugar
1 1/2 C. Butter
cream together
3 eggs
1tsp. lemon extract
2 tsp. vanilla

combine dry ingredients
4-4 1/2 C. flour
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. course sea salt
8-10 oz. crushed lemon heads

bake 350 for 8-10 min.
2C. powdered sugar
1/3 C. lemon juice

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Video Transcription

[Music]we’re still baking yay what are wemaking todaytoday we’re gonna make glazed lemoncookies there’s a cookie shop calledover-the-top cookies locally here andthey had a lemon cookie a glazed lemoncookies is kind of my take on theirglazed lemon cookie it’s so fantasticover-the-top cookies they bake candyinto all of their cookies yummyso in this cookie we’re baking lemonheads right and you can’t wait what dowe do pause okay if you start the waythat most cookies start you’re gonnacream together your butter and yoursugar cup and a half of butter and twocups of white sugar and you’re gonnacream that together[Music]this is about the consistency you’regonna want for your creamy butter andsugar then you’re gonna hide your eggsone at a time while you’re mixing itthere’s three of them now he had theextract start your lemon extract do notskimp on it you need for sure at leasttwo teaspoons of lemon in there whatmakes it taste very lemony starting tosmell so good what are you adding nextcombine all your dry ingredients so thenyou got into that oh yeah you’ve gotfour cups of flour here’s the trickything about this recipeit calls for four to four and a halfcups of flour you have to just kind ofjudge the consistency I don’t know ifthat’s because we’re baking at highaltitude or I don’t know why then you’regonna add a teaspoon and a half ofbaking sodathen a teaspoon and a half of bakingpowder then one teaspoon of salt Ialways used from coarse sea salt a nightgame[Music]also into your training radiance you’regonna want to add the Lemonheadsbut you’ve got a crush on somehow to thedry container for my blender to moviesize candy boxes yeah it calls for likeeight ounces this is ten ounces becauseI like lemon heads so I usually go alittle overboardokay it turned into a really nice lemonypowder okay add that powder to your dryingredients mix it up a little bit it’sokay if you have a few little chunkypieces of the lemon and they’ll justshow up in the cookies today we’readding the dry ingredients into the bowlof the butter and sugar that’s creamedokay so you can see it’s it’s prettysticky and sticking to the side stillyou want it where it’s dry enough thatit comes off the sides as you mix it soI add a little bit more flour maybeanother quarter cup and now it’s pullingaway from the sides kind of cleaning itoff and the dough so that tells me wegot aI usually do 12 Donna things 12 to 15this is a very large cookie scoop Ioften do these with the smaller cookiescoop this is the 40 cookie scoop whichmeans 40 scoops of ice cream to fill Ican’t remember what so importantsomething important so the higher thenumber the smaller the scoop so I oftenyou will use a 60 to do these cookies aswell depending on how many you want toget out of the batch they’re ready asyou can see we’re really into parchmentpaper and I’m into the ones that fit thesheet so I don’t have to like pull it orcut it preheated our oven to what rh3 50okay awesome how long do these cookiesbake 8 to 10 minutes you don’t reallywant them golden you’re gonna want tosee it slight tinge around the edgethat’s how you’re gonna know they’redone we’ll show you I don’t I don’tmeasure hardly ever so Rachel justcaught me dumping in the powdered sugarbecause the glaze is only twoingredients it’s powdered sugar andlemon juice and you want it to look andtaste a certain way and that’s that’sall I doit’s just get it until looks and tastesa certain way I’m an anarchistic I don’tI don’t want to go when people tell mewhat to do I’m just gonna put in thisso 3/4 of a cup okay maybe you can startwith thatyou can start with that then you’regonna add some lemon juice and whisk ityou want the glaze to be white you don’twant it to be clear so about 1/4 of acup of lemon juice I just don’t want itso thick that it’s not gonna come out ofmy squeezy bottle because I put it onyou put you’re gonna put it on as asqueezy bottle if you come on hey Rachwhat are you doing so we thought maybeafter one batch we didn’t have quiteenough that’s weird that we would evenneed to do a second batch of glaze likewhy didn’t we just know how much weneeded in the first place powdered sugarpowdered sugar sugar confectioner sugardon’t be telling people’s sugar[Music]add that in to the squeezy bottle andwe’re just pulling them off the cookiesheet now they’ve had a minute to cooland we’re moving them over here so wecan glaze them[Music]okay hey I can’t wait mmm so good[Music]

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