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How to Make Rolled Out Sugar Cookie Dough

How to make rolled out sugar cookie dough!!

4 sticks unsalted butter at room temperature
2 large eggs
2 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups of sifted powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 1/2 cups of all purpose flour

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Video Transcription

hey guys this is 70 handling with Hamela bait shop and today we’re at mykitchen to show you some of our favoriterecipes that we use at the shop on thisepisode we are going to make roll outsugar cookie dough so those cute littledecorated cookies that you see duringthe holidays Easter Christmas all thatcute stuff with the pretty royal icingthat’s what we’re going to make todayif you’re ready to do this then let’s go[Music]so we’re first gonna start off with oursoftened butter we’re going to pop thisin the mixer and get going and I justwant to beat the butter a little bit andget it softened before I add my nextingredientso we make sure your cookies at the shopall the time and your creativity canreally explode as far as that goes soI’ve just got my butter softened andjust kind of beat onto the bowl the nextthing we’re gonna do is add our powderedsugar now it’s best to sift the powderedsugar because if you have lumpssometimes just during packaging thepowdered sugar will get a little hardlike little chunks in it and the lastthing you want to do is have a bunch ofchunky powdered sugar bits in yourcookie dough so just sip that it’s apain at first but it’ll be worth it soon low we’re going to mix the powderedsugar inI’m gonna go up one moreall rightso right now it looks it’s not fullyincorporated but we’re getting there soI’m going to go ahead and add my eggsand then I’m gonna add my eggs one at atime my eggs are also at roomtemperature so just set them out youknow 15-20 minutes before you startbaking it’ll just help everything mixtogether[Music]and it’s not it has not combined we’restill in the mixing process but I amgoing to go ahead and scrape my bowldown we want to make sure all that sugarand butter is incorporated I love thiscookie dough recipe and it’s so simpleto make and these cookies don’t spreadso if you’re wanting to decorate cookiesthis is the recipe you need so we’rejust going to get this mixeduntil it’s nice and fluffy[Music]okay so we’re fluffy and our butter andsugar and eggs have lightened up some sonow we’re going to add our flour and I’mgonna go ahead and put the salt in thereyou can use table salt or kosher saltand I didn’t bring a whisk so I’m justgonna do that get our hands dirty right[Music]so we’re just gonna mix try not to flipit all over the place we’re gonna dojust a little bit at a time just becausethere is a lot of flour and it will makea mess so on low we’re just going to letit combined and then as it starts tocome together then we’ll add more flourjust a little bit more we’ll probably dothis in like three steps and I alwaysmake a mess I’m always tell the girls inthe shop I’m like a walking tornadobecause I literally just I make a messeverywhere I go if you’re not making amess you’re not having fun at leastthat’s what I tell myself it’s gettingthick so we’re gonna just go ahead andadd the rest of the sugar or excuse methe flour in here and it makes it reallyhard to do this that’s why I like to usethe little measuring cup they have thesehandy-dandy attachments that you can puton the bowl to help actually put thisstuff in there but I’m lazy okay as youcan see it’s fluffyand then I’m gonna go ahead and add myvanilla in you can add it in with theeggs that’s probably what I should havedone butso you don’t want to overmix but youwant everything to be incorporatedwe’re good just a little bit faster[Applause][Music]all right so I think we’re good nowthis recipe you really need to chill itat least for an hour so before you startusing it if you’re pressed for time youreally you know you could use it rightaway but I would suggest wrapping it upand saran wrap and then just sticking itin the fridge overnight that wayeverything can gonna settle down andit’s just a lot easier to work withbecause once this starts getting soft itdoes make it more difficult to roll outand I like eating this dough roll I knowthat’s bad but it tastes so good and youcan actually flavor this you know if youwanted lemon cookie dough or maybe aconfetti cookie dough you can add thesprinkles or add the flavor instead ofusing the vanilla but this is just aclassic recipe and I figure I shouldteach you the classics the first so I’mjust gonna get my saran wrap and I’lljust make to like look at this I meanit’s if you wanted to roll this out nowyou could again it it’ll be a little bitharder to work with but you can do it Iusually divide the dough in halfand then wrap it up write the date on itand write sugar cookie dough stick it inthe fridge or if you wanted to make abatch ahead of time you could wrap it upand put it in the freezer and then justtake it out a couple days before youwant to bake and you can use it then soyou know if you have company coming overand you want to try to get ahead of theholidays or you know just anything youcan do that daughter signaling that shewants to eat the cookie day I better notclear the bowl out too much but anywayyou get the idea so we’re gonna justwrap this up write the date on it andthen stick it in the fridge and then thenext time that I see you we will rollthis out cut them and then decorate themif you liked this video make sure youlike it hit subscribe and that way youget notified when the next video comesout until then keep baking

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