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Making Tasty Galaxy Stuffed Cookies – YUM!

Join Kingston in making some Tasty Galaxy Stuffed Cookies! Here’s the link to buy your own:

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

he’s cornered up face-to-face pinks isborn aboard you and mescience rodents so much fun weeps bornfor everyoneMitch do this for two dayscookies you need water butter and thismix you’re gonna preheat the oven to 375next we need to add the butter now we’regoing to add 2 tablespoons of waternow we’re gonna mix until it forms injudo now we have to put in the freezerfor 20 minutes now I managed out of afreezer we have to warn up up like now Ihave a from four of DRO minutes oneutility later them cool for 5 minutes[Music]put the icing on the cookies winkersyou for watching Kingston’s corner besure to hit that Bell and subscribe butbonus you know my new videos come out atnight for video movies so much fun

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