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Using Cannabis Infused Butter to Make Cookies! | First Video!

Welcome to my channel! Today I made some cannabis infused chocolate chip cookies after morning smoke sesh.

The quality will get better I promise lol

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

welcome to my first youtube video youguys tik-tok was taking down all of myvideos so i thought it was just safer todo this I don’t think I can be funny forlonger than a minute but we will see Ihave my professional joint roller righthere next to me off screen preparing myfirst joint of the day we are doing forthe rest of the day so I’m gonna do alittle pre smoked session right nowwe’re gonna go inside one of the thingsI spa if you guys see my hall iscannabutter so it was it’s like cannabisinfused butter and I’m thinking ofbaking some cookies and then we’ll chillhere for a little bit and then I’ll goback inside so I’m ready you are insidenow like I said the other day I went tothe dispensary and I got this cannabisinfused butter and it was a hundreddollars so we’re gonna make peace cookinto chocolate chip cookies see how theyturn out I also don’t have a workingoven right now so I will try to rectifythat problem later I’m gonna add one anda half cups of flouradd two cups of chocolate chips so onecup I was supposed to there no I need tofollow the directions I was deciding allthe directionsI have to follow the directionsthe preheat oven I don’t have a workingoven cream cannabis butteroh that’s the I have to put it overboiling water literally I’m gonna putall of the butter into this bowl andthen place it in the bowl of boilingwater so then it can soften excuse me ifyou know it feels so weirdenjoy adding to the butter now and thenadd the brown sugar I’m also adding halfa cupyou want some chocolate chip cookies areyou making it correctly this time no soI’m just trying to stir it together andthen maybe the butter will the butterwill melt or like soft anymorewell then beaten eggs kitchen safetyoh my gosh I have to fire up it doesn’teven feel like that would even help itwhen we put in the chocolate chipsOh finally add the chocolate chip[Music][Music]so it’s been a few hours and I have thebattery in the refrigerator but since Idon’t have a oven what I’ve been usingis this little toaster oven and honestlyit’s been working out pretty fine I havefour cookies already done six-and-a-halfcookies done nine and a half cookies aredone eleven twelve thirteen are in theoven so all the cookies are done I wasabout 13 full-sized cookies for all ofthem I think I used about 500 milligramsso each cookie comes out about a littleless than 40 but they look so good youguys I don’t want to tilt them too muchbecause they will literally fall theygrab my favorite I think is this CheersI actually really not bad they’re reallygood they’re soft but the top is crunchyand I put a lot of chocolate chipsI mean it’s milkI’m honestly really proud of myself Ididn’t know what I was doing at all andthe last time you made the cookies theycame out terrible just like literallyplain normal toilet of cookies then theycame out so badyou guys enjoyed this is it’s just alittle taste of what I’m gonna be doingnormally on this channel so if you likeit go ahead and subscribe and I can’twait to produce more of this kind ofcontent

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