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Video Transcription

hello everyone and welcome back to mychannel so today I’m going to be makingchocolate chip cookies and because we’reall stopped and stuck at home to do solet’s get started okay you need to startoff with butter and this is not softenedbutter or all the recipes I’ve seen makeit with softened butter but I forgot toleave it out and I don’t want to wait soI’m gonna be using melted butterokay I’m gonna melt this so I justmelted the butter show you it looks likepee so interesting things to talk aboutare you just gonna love this smell goodokay I need you think about things totalk about but first I need to go tohave the chickenI have golden route golden yellow sugarand I have like dark brown I did notprepare for this summer[Music][Music][Music][Music]this is starting YouTube has been one ofthe most best decisions under althoughwe have like 11 subscribers stillhonestly its if you’re watching this ohmy the wait for me on two dogsit’s gonna be something screen okay soonce your sugar butter make sure it isreally soft not soft but it’s like itturns a golden brown color you’re gonnaadd your egg tastemilk to my cookies because it makes itless[Music]there’s still small villagesdone you’re gonna add your flour I’mmulling everything I’m gonna say isgonna be off cup yeah oh right I have tosift it’s important to six so you don’tget those big chunks so baking sodamakes your cookies more flat and spreadout and then baking powder makes it risebut I don’t really want my cookies torise I want them to stay flat so I’mgonna be using okay so once that is doneyou have to add a little bit of salt Idon’t know just the recipe calls for itso so I’m adding just a little bit ofsalt okay just gonnaso now grab your wet mixture your flouror I should be using a spatula thank youthis is doesn’t really look back rightyep that’s why it’s called chocolatechip cookies you know so you just youknow just gonna fold it and you’re goingto get a baking tray let’s do that okayso once your cookie batter is doneyou’re going to wipe down the trip youdon’t if you have clean tray don’t haveto do this perfect there we go okay sonow I’m just gonna take your cookiebatter and crazy just kidding okay scoopall of your cookies onto this bakingtray and I have a iTune scooper and it’seasiest to use this instead of just[Music]let me document this okay so I justtasted the batter a bit and it’s likereally sweet I added too much sugar initbut that’s okay because their cookiesare supposed to be sweet I think you puttoo much sugar and those oh you’re gonnaput this in the fridge for about an hourto chill so the flavor comes out moreI did not space these out well okay it’sbeen six hours and we’re like you canleave it in the fridge as long as youwant so I’m gonna go preheat the ovenand let’s make the cookies then everyonestarted laughing at me[Music]I thought the cookies would turn outgood okay so this is the these are theugliest cookies I’ve ever made um I hopeyou enjoyed my video of this chocolatechip cookie sale so yeah I’ll see youguys later[Music]


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