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Silent Vlog | Homemade Crusty Cast Iron Bread | Bake With Me For Sahur Time

This was the day before Ramadan and I attempted to bake a loaf of crusty dutch oven bread with my new cast iron pot for sahur time.

Silver Cusinero Cast Iron 24 Cm Pot (Blue),PR-127.html

Acai Berry with Pomegranate & Vanilla Tea by Dilmah

This video is not sponsored and I’m merely trying out cast iron cooking and baking for the first time and I’m genuinely impressed with the result.

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I use Canon M100 to film
De’longhi Bar 14 Caffe Treviso Espresso Machine: (This is the closest model available)
I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit: I’m still learning how to use it.

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Video Transcription

girlwithanearringhave you ever baked or cooked something that took longer than anticipated?this was one of those daysto the point, the household members waited in front of the oven and watched the bread to get bakedsince the self-isolation started, I have been baking bread at homeand you all know every single one if you are following me on instagrami made some really good loaves of bread on a plain oven traybut I’ve stayed curious about baking bread with cast ironare those colourful cast iron pots and skillets a hype…or are they really make a difference?luckily enough, “silver” sent me a few of their cast iron products to tryso this is me baking bread with a cast iron pot for the first timeand this time I measured everythinglet the dough rise for an hourput the cast iron pot into the oven and let it heat upafter the first rise, I knead the dough to shape itnot it’s time for the second rise30 minutes later (ideally an hour later)… because I’m running lateat this moment, I regret not using baking papers for the second riseafter half an hour, remove the lid to let the bread build up the crustI brought the bread to the balcony to let it coolI couldn’t wait any longer and sliced it while it was hotthis was the day before Ramadan and I initially intended this bread for sahur timefor those who don’t know, sahur is like the breakfast time for fastingI like having simple breakfast food like a slice of bread with jam (during sahur)and a cup of my favourite fruity teait’s acai berry, pomegranate and vanilla tea by Dilmah. I’ll link it in the description box below.the bread was a success, “it was worth the wait” they said.I baked so many loaves of bread in this short amount of timenow I truly understand all the hype about the cast iron productsthe crust itself was a beautythe next day, I cooked a whole bunch of different things for the first iftar dinnerusing only cast iron pots and skilletsso, stay tuned for the next videoHave a fun and beautiful Ramadanand tell me all about it :)thank you for watching

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