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now having fun is going to make somemore bread today I bought myself a breadmaker which is over here which I’mmaking some normal bread in for Gordobecause there was no recipe for sorghumbread or sourdough bread or even otherbreaks that I could make with flowerssuch as coconut flour but I’m going totry anyway I’m trying to normal thosefor my first one so I’m gonna make somesourdough and I’ve been having fun thisweek I bought some sourdough starterfrom the internet and this is what I’vebeen feeding it it didn’t seem to bedoing that well quite watery and that’sthat one but it is bubbling a bit andthen I made my own with yogurt and milkflour and water and that’s what I’mgonna have a goat using today so I’vegot 500 grams of spelt and plain whiteflour mix together and do that I’m goingto add 300 mil of my starterand 250 mil of water now the lowest layfind the heat didn’t go very well it wasthat it was some well I would say it wasit doe me a bit rock you know I washoping that with the sourdough that Ibought online and it would be nice andwell now that looks a bit too wetso I’m going to add a bit more flourbecause that’s going to be too wet toturn outthat’s looking better now the reason Ibought the bread maker was because ofthe next stage of this process in thatyou have to knead this for quite a longtime now I’ve got to add some sugar andsome salt now hopefully there will be nosugar in it by the time it’s my eatbecause the sourdough yeast will eat thesugar so I’m going to get this into anice dough still think that’s a bit toostickyto be able to lift it out of them oh yescoming out so now I’ve got to need itand that’s going to take ten minutes andthen I’ve got to leave it for two hourslet it rise then I’ve got to need itknock it back again and put it in theoven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit which is225 degrees centigrade so we’ll see howit all works out and how the one in themachine works out lateryou[Applause]you

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