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No-Yeast No-Bake Homemade Bread Stuffed with Cheese & Herbs

EPISODE #403 – How to Make No-Yeast No-Bake Homemade Bread Stuffed with Cheese & Herbs


No-Yeast No-Bake Homemade Bread Stuffed with Cheese & Herbs




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Video Transcription

Bienvenidos welcome to Spain on a Fork
today we have such a great episode we aremaking the most incredible no yeast no
bake homemade bread stuffed with cheese & herbsguys this is what it’s all about
homemade bread that is so easy to makeit’s made with the most basic pantry
staples there is no oven required andit’s all done in just 30 minutes and let
me tell you the flavors here of thisbread are insanely delicious between
the dough the cheese and the herbs it istruly a mind-blowing experience now
whenever I’m making homemade bread itdoesn’t matter how basic the recipe is I
always use a great quality extra virginolive oil this is the base fat of the
bread and is what gives it that incredibledepth of flavors to make this recipe I’m
using one of my personal favourites fromApollo this is their Miller’s favorite
organic extra virgin olive oil this isone heck of an insanely delicious olive oil
and it gives these breads that beautifullift of flavors get yourself a couple bottles
you’re gonna absolutely love this stufflink in the description box below
I’m gonna begin by adding two cups ofall-purpose flour into a large bowl
again guys this is all-purpose flour no needfor the fancy stuff here for the next
ingredient you need to add in twoteaspoons of baking powder I’m out of
baking powder and the store is sold out of itbecause of the lockdown
no big deal I found a hack online add in1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda into a
small bowl and one teaspoon of whitewine vinegar and I’m gonna give it a
quick mix until it’s well combined thisright here is gonna be the rising agent
for my bread again if you’re out ofbaking powder just use this mixture
this equals exactly two teaspoons of baking powderand add the mixture into the bowl with the flourthen I’m gonna add in one teaspoon of fine sea salt
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oiland 2/3 cup of cold water
and I’m going to start mixing thisthat way all these ingredients can
start coming togetherafter about a minute and you’re starting to form a
dough get in there with your hands andstart mixing it together we’re trying to
make a compact dough hereonce all the ingredients have came together
and you end up with a doughcontinue to knead this inside of a bowl
just for about 1 to 2 minutes this isgoing to help develop some of the
gluten strands in the flour to give thisquick bread in incredible texture
then I’m gonna shape it into a ballsprinkle some all-purpose flour on some parchment
paper at the ball of dough on topand cut it into 8 evenly sized piecesand shape each piece of dough into the form
of a ballfor the next step I’m gonna start
shaping each piece of dough into acircular form that’s about 1/8 of an inch thick
I like to do this with my handsbut if you prefer you can get in
there with a roller either way you goit doesn’t matter as well as the design
you just wanna make sure thatthickness is about 1/8 of an inch
that way it all cooks evenlyonce you have all your dough’s ready let’s start
assembling each bread I’m gonna add in aslice of white cheese on top of one of
the dough’s then sprinkle it with somedried oregano some dried thyme and some
dry parsley then I’m gonna grab ananother dough and place it on top and
start folding it together to make sureeverything’s sealed in thereand once again start pushing down on the
dough with your hands or with a rollerjust to make sure that it’s perfectly
sealed and continue to do this until allyour breads are done you’re going to end
up with four from this recipeonce you have all your doughs assembled
brush a kiss of extra-virgin olive oil on top of each onealright let’s start cooking our breads
I’m gonna be using agrilling pan but you can also use a
nonstick frying pan I’m gonna heat thiswith a medium heat and we’re gonna heat this for about
2 minutes before we start adding the breads in thereafter heating the pan for 2 minutes on a medium heatI’m gonna add in one of the dough’s in
their oil side down and brush the top ofthe dough with another kiss of
extra-virgin olive oilafter 90 seconds I’m gonna flip the
bread to cook the other sideand after a total of three minutes that’s a minute
and a half per side I’m gonna remove thebread from the pan and transfer it into
a dish and continue to do this until allyour breads are done again guys you
only wanna go 90 seconds per side thiswill guarantee that the doughs is perfectly
cooked while giving you an incrediblesoft textureokay guys our bread is done
look how insane this turned out let’s giveit a try and see how it tastes
look at that that’s amazingwhat can I say it is so good you got that melted
cheese with those herbs and the dough isperfectly cooked it’s nice and soft kind
of just melts in your mouth guysincredible homemade bread no oven
required made in about 30 minutes butthe best part here we used the most
basic pantry staples to create thisrecipe guys so good so easy to makeif you enjoyed today’s video hit that like button
leave me a comment belowand if you´re not subscribed
smash that subscribe buttonuntil the next time…Hasta Luego!!

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