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The World is sad, so let’s Bake Bread

The world is sad, but bread makes me happy. Enjoy this chill baking tutorial…
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100g Mature Sourdough Starter
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450g Bread Flour
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This is week I wanted to take a step back and relax a little, so here’s a full tutorial on how this amateur baker makes sourdough bread. The bread isn’t perfect, sweetie, but I did have a good time making it 🙂

Have a great week everyone x

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Video Transcription

my chickpeas ask and you shall receivetimes are a bit weird still not gonnalieeverything’s it’s stressful butconfusing the world’s a bit sad but thatdoesn’t mean we can’t have a pleasanttime doing a lovely activity like bakingbread the world is sad but bread makesme happy right so for me one of the mainthings I’ve been doing with this timeindoors is just baking up a storm mydiet consists of just like 100% carbs atthis point I’ve made donuts I’ve madescones I’ve made biscuits I’ve madegranola I’ve made bread I’ve madepancakes I mean who can complain todaychef Conor comes out in full force I’mgoing to be attempting to make my secondever loaf of sourdough bread for youguys which may sound easy but it takes alot of time living bacteria I’ve beengrowing bacteria in my cabinets for thepast week this is what isolation does toyou folks to make an actual loaf ofsourdough bread I didn’t realize thisbut it takes like 36 hours ok enoughtalking let’s just get into it[Applause][Music]let’s begin am i cinched too much or notenough full transparency here I have noidea what I’m doing if you’re watchingthis to obtain helpful information youknow what good luck good luck good luckbefore we begin this 36-hour processplease do me a favor go click the likebutton down belowit helps a lot thank you so much step 1make the dough after you’ve grown yourstarter the things you need are verysimple very minimal a bowl a measuringcup flour water a starter and a scalegirl we got big bowl here because wedon’t want any mistakes what was I goingto do you need salt too I forgot why ami stressed a spoon not a spoon a spatulaa thing like I feel personally investedin this because I spent so much timemaking it we need a hundred grams ofthis bad boyoh my actual God 310 grams androom-temperature water[Music]perfect okay baking is a science so I’malways afraid that I’m going to ruinsomething right off the bat like this isthe this is a really it’s the first stepbut it’s the most important step I thinkthat’s why I like baking is because youhave to follow the rules so strictly andI love the rules I like I like makingthe rules I like I like rules rules nextwe had 450 grams of flour all thegrocery stores are sold out of flour inLos Angeles but quick little knife hackyou call a local bakery that’s stillopen some of them will say you flour Igot 10 pounds of flour Thank You Lodgebread Co yeah perfect okay and thenafter that’s done you honestly you justmix it up oh wait the salt Shh it’s thesalt eight grams when I tell you Iwouldn’t miss somethingeight grams feels like a lot hellothat’s eight now we mixsometimes it’s best just to get in therewith your hands I’m gonna really give ita nice mix really scrape the bottom hereokay step one complete gotta let theinfant sleep for a moment now we let itrest for 30 minutes and I’ll be rightbackwe’re back I took the apron off becauseI don’t want to wear it all day thedough looks for the lack of a betterword moist still alike cloud-like softawesome it looks great she’s happy tooWow so the next step we need to do hereis we’re going to move this way thesecute little cutting boards that I canuse we need this if you’ve ever seenreally good sourdough bread when you cutinto it it has all of these like bubblesthat we’re inside of it and that’s whatthe starter does that’s what thebacteria does so the way that you get itreally moving is that you have to kindof knead it and fold it togethercreating activity kind of what I thinkis going on I don’t really know thedough at this point nice so the dough atthis point is SuperDuper sticky which isexactly what we wantlook at that nice and then how we justwe kind of like stretch it and fold ittwelve timesyou want to be delicate with it but youalso really do want to pull at itbecause that’s activating the gluten ifI’m saying that correctly look at thatsee Oh[Music]like I said before a lot of this is justslow bits of work and a lot of relaxingso that’s done now wait to let it sitfor two hours we’re back and I was on agroup FaceTime call the entire timefriendship coming in so the dough hasgotten significantly bigger she fluffyshe puppy she poofy sheep hey this isjust so much fun okay so this roundwe’re only folding it six times come onyou got it come on a professional therewe go okay again super fluffy super airyou want to keep it that way that’s whythe bread looks so good in the very endso you want to be delicate with it youwant to add more air to it you don’twant to take air out of it God you’dswear this with the bone Appetit TestKitchen I know I have you fool I knowagain stretching it but not taking airout of it and okay we’re actually gonnaend up doing seven that’s okay that’sokay I don’t think the bread itselfknows how many times it’s being foldedvery delicately plop it back into thepool and that’s it cover it back up sothat bad boy gets covered up for twomore hours and then we’re back to do onemore round of folds I believe yeah okaywe’re back as you can see it’s gettingvery dark because it we’re two hourslater folksbut this bread oh my god it’s a pillowOh doctor recommended for sleep cyclesfull solid REM okay so we’re repeatingwhat we did before we’re doing six morefolds letting it rest for an hour andthen after that hour we shape it onelast time put it in a basket put it inthe refrigerator and come back to ittomorrow morningso because it’s going to fully be darkout this is the last take tonight ferretbad news I’m sorry I didn’t mean I’msorry this is everything I continue toremind you that I am NOT a professionalthis is only my second low oh my godit’s so fluffy I’m gonna die and thenwe’re gonna pull here and we’re gonnapull it oh my god it’s so fluffy do yousee that are you kidding and wecarefully and we cover we put the babyto restresting pre shaping dinner bedtimeI’ll see you in the morning I’m not surethis does it justice at all but like itsmassive massive this is our first familyphoto[Music][Music]good morning how’d you sleep how’d youdo I honestly had a terrible night’ssleep it was really bad I only slept forlike three or four hoursoh the joy yeah anxiety also yes I’mstill wearing the same clothes forcontinuity purposes don’t drag me in thecomments below oh this is our bread havea nice sleep a little low and now we cando the fun part because you basicallyjust gonna make a design innovationcreativity this is the part where wehope we don’t ruin it because we justput like 35 hours of time into ita beauty oh my god it looks goodhooray yeah what we’re gonna do otherpeople do this for their just dust itwith a little bit of flour and then theygot their design and then the breadbooks there’s like a distinction fromthe inside and the outside of the breadwhen it pops up you’ll see you’llunderstandthat’s a wee bit of dusting by the waythe reason this is open is because myphone is propped up in the cabinet tenyears on YouTube and nothing has changedwe gonna be using the night a lot ofpeople use essentially just razor bladesbut like I don’t have one of those Idon’t even have a proper basket I didn’tknow I had this apron we make do withwhat we have oh my god that’s likespreading out okay quickly surgery thatwas so not graceful we’re still gonnaattempt a little design wow that lookshorribleyou know what it looks about as good asit’s gonna get into the oven it goesit’s oddly stressful because the oven isthat like 500 degrees and then you havea pan below it where you put hot boilingwater in so that it steams doing allthis while this very fragile doughexisting in this fragile world it’s justyou know it’s very stressful 15 minutesuntil Showtime we’re back look I’m justrealizing it now I can smell the breadin the air so now we take out that panthat has the water in itcheck to see if it’s working and then welet it go for another 20 minutesstressful last time that definitelylooked a little bit crazier but we’llsee I mean it still has 20 minutes we’renot even halfway there yet these workplease workthat’s what nightmares are made of folksokay tah-dahit’s bread I wish you could smell theair in here right now someone inventthat it smells real goodyou know what I’ve changed my mind Ilove it’s not perfect but it’s mine it’sonly my second attempt what can you dodance heavy drum like taste test it’salmost impossible to go wrong it’s sospongy and light the crust especially asit’s so chewyit’s just perfect like how can you gowrong I’ll be having that for breakfastlunch and dinnerBon Appetit so we all know who is numberonethat’s right thank you guys so much forwatchingtry to keep things a little bit chill alittle bit like this week kind of thingsare confusing and chaotic at the momentso I hope this was a great escape if youenjoyed the video definitely make sureto click that like button you want morevideos like it leaving the comments downbelow what should I bake neck headdoughnuts pancakes waffles churroscookies so many options also let me knowin the comments down below have you guysmade anything recently have you cookedanything if you baked anything let meknowanyways I love you guys have we having agreat day and we’ll see you soon[Music]hooray

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