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Quarantine Cooking – Loaded Banana Bread

In today’s video, Paula whips up a loaded banana bread recipe that’s definitely a family pleaser. You won’t wanna miss out on this. Give it a try!

Enjoy Y’all!

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Video Transcription

hey y’all I hope I hope y’all are onwell I hope everybody has kind ofsettled into this new normal you knowwhatever in the heck it is I know thatI’ve been in the kitchen cooking a lotof stuff y’all because that’s one of theways I found myself a way to keep mebusy and occupied and keep everybody fedat the same time because you know that’salways how I’ve showed my love forsomebody is cooking for them so I wantto share this recipe with y’all todayand as I’ve told you before I’m feelingrequests and I got a bunch buteventually I will get to your request sotoday I’m gonna share with y’all loadedbanana bread if y’all like me you knowyou’ll buy a bunch of bananas and youmay not be in the mood to eat bananas soI wound up having to make banana breadwith them and so I’m gonna show y’allthis wonderful recipe and this isactually from my newest book southernbacon and this recipe is wonderfulbecause it’s got so much stuff in it infact oh look at this one I’ve alreadybaked it and brought in either oven Ohdoesn’t that look delicious lots of nutsI think that’s why I like it so muchbecause it’s nutty kind of like itsmaker so the first thing I’m gonna doy’all is mix up my dry ingredients sothat is 2 cups of all-purpose flourwhat’s that 1/2 a cup of sugar no 1 cupof sugar 2 teaspoons of baking powdermake sure you get it on that out half ateaspoon of salt and a half it I thinkit’s a half a teaspoon wonder what I doin the glasseshalf a teaspoon of baking soda y’all myglasses all right so that’s our dryingredients and you want to take yourwhisk and whisk all those ingredientstogether because that’s almost likesifting it doing this during thisquarantine my dog has gotten so jumpythey barked at the drop of a hatNew Year’s Teresa got three nervousNellie’s okay I’m gonna flip back to theside and now we’re gonna mix up a wetingredients and I want to show y’all theway that I’ve come up with during theyears over the years you know any way Ican find to help help the process so Ilike to mash my bananas and you’ll wantto make sure they’re very very ripe infact an over overripe banana makes thebest bread so I like to mash that in theskin and then just peel it and thatgives it a great head start so just likethat and I’m gonna just get every bit ofthat banana all right so I’m gonna usefour ripe bananas and this will yield meone 9×5 loaf pan of bread and I’ll tellyou what it’s real real good to make upto make a spread to go on this bread ifyou’ll make take up cream cheese andherbs and make your herbs bring it it isso good with that brand it’s deliciousrather than something sweet somethingsavory in fact I had the most wonderfulrecipe for cream cheese but I don’t knowwhat I did with it it’s somewhere upthen the other two million recipes in myhead all right so this is a great tip ifyou always use it doesn’t take nearly somuch muscle all right so I’m gonna a4mashing my bananas alone see see howquickly new when you mash them in thepeeling it goes so quick alright so I’mgonna add my vanilla 1 teaspoon ofvanilla I think that was a half a stickof melted butter is that right okay andyogurt now I am using Greek yogurt forthis recipe but when I made that firstrafi I didn’t have yogurt so I used sourcream and it worked out perfect so wejust don’t mix something called wetingredients now I’m gonna add the eggsand look at my beautiful eggs y’all youknow we got a chicken coop and thedepends on the chicken is to want colortheir eggs are hey Mikeyand I’ve got how many chickens do wehave that lay the blue eggs Mike justmove on and the rest are brown they’reso pretty these almost look like Eastereggs I love that I think that’s aboutthe color of our living room Long’s eatme that’s why I like that that color somuch alrightand these are fresh free shakes yo andmy pinky swears she can tell thedifference so anyway skip back to thebanana period I love making muffins andfruity breads because you never everhave to pull out a mixer because one ofthe rules of making muffins and breadslike this is that you come over beatthem you want to just mix thoseingredients until they’re blended so noneed to pull out a mixer okie dokieso we’re going to pour this into ourflour you move these banana peeling soI’m gonna add 1/2 a cup of raisins andI’ll do love love love raisins and I’mgiving you the recipe just as it readsum half a cup of nutslet’s whatever call a once in the nutfamily so I had it a few more I justlove what the nuts do to it okay and umI’ve got a half a cup reserved herebecause I’m gonna sprinkle that on topyou can see where I sprinkle the thenuts on top of that alright so this isalmost mixed up good enoughhmm those bananas smells so strongwonderful banana aroma is in there allright so here we go we’re ready to putthis together and I’m just gonna try tofold that in and it’ll take I don’t take2 or 3 minutes but not not long I justgo under and bring that flower up to thetop and the egg mixture down and this isa real thick batter y’all so don’t don’tworry you’ve got plenty of liquid mm-hmmit’s coming together y’alland remember just until it’s all theflour is moistened be so goodall right since we’re gonna have to loveJohn we out too well you can take onehome Teresa or we I did y’all eateverything you sent home the other dayI’m trying to help Teresa not have tocook some way all right so I don’t Idon’t see any more drag flour so here wego I’m gonna spray my panthat’s what sounds like it’s just aboutout breathe come out very very easy okaythat is some pretty batter booty bootybootyand I mean I want everybody see what wasleft in the bowl that would make likethat okay all right so you’ll want totake the back of your spatula and justlevel this outand we’re gonna put it in the oven setat 350 and we’re gonna bake it for 50minutes and after its baked for 20minutes I’m gonna take some fall and andcover it with fit ten fall because Idon’t want the top to get too dark sothat easy love itlove those recipes so I have the kiddosanybody wanna tastemm-hmm well y’all come on tell me whatyou thinkwhoo whee doggie we can tailor nothingyesnone of us have got anything there yougo Eddie what do you think is it good meand Josie hmm it’s so goodyeah uh put that on my face you knowwhat if you imagine this for children Ibet that they would love chocolate chipsin it YUMI can’t say I’m just saying all rightwait those pecans like at the top andthis puppy is going in the oven15 minutes we’ll be in hi banana breadhaved a home send your loving bestdishes

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