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Rhodes Bake N Serve Bread.

Perfect for the apocalypse. I think there are 4 or 5 loafs in a bag. Each bag is about $2.50. They are frozen and the ingredients are fair. I let the bread set out about 6 hours room temperature straight from the freezer and then put in the oven 25 minutes at 350°. Perfect if you need bread during rough times. 💜🖤💜

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Video Transcription

all right it’s like 2:00 in the morningand look what I need for the morningapocalypse fruit listen I don’t I shouldhave stores I’m a Buddhist one a longtime anybody like these frozen loavesfor like three bucks manI got like these frozen bread thingsit’s just like it’s like six rolls ofbread and frozen and they’re self-risingand I checked the ingredients there’s nolike titanium dioxidelook at this oh my goshso look at this Brett doesn’t have likea bunch of that titanium dioxide stuffin it it really only has you know flourand some other stuff that’s not like GMOyou know all this great seed bread butdamn in an apocalypse and you don’t goto the store to buy bread and you justget this I’m telling you go to thefrozen food section if you’re stilldoing any grocery shopping and youshould see somewhere this big bag withlike six frozen rolls of bread throwthis in the oven man you got freshbread in at the constipation[Music]

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