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I tried to make Japanese souffle Pancake

How to make fluffy Japanese Pancake

Fluffy Japanese Souffle Pancakes スフレパンケーキ

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Video Transcription

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16 Replies to “I tried to make Japanese souffle Pancake

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  4. kena tmbh sikit lagi baking powder kot baru naik. tapi tengok resepi Michael Lim tak pakai baking powder, so fluffy. Nanti try la ushar..keep it up, dont give up syed

  5. Teknik mix kan telur putih dengan kuning tu salah tu. Tu yang tak jadi gebu tu hehehe. Apa pun good try bang Syed!!

  6. tgk org lain bt cam senang giler , bila sendiri buat “asal aku punya tak mcm fluffy, penyek jer mcm pancake biasa”

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