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as requested by The Metal Detecting Chanel a video on how to make a loaf of Bread , enjoy




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Video Transcription

okay good morning this morning I’m gonnashow you how to make bread just normalold loaf of bread everyone should knowEddie and I had to make a loaf of breadand it’s a lot easier than what youthink so when you’re on itlet’s get into your note some flourusing normal plain flour I’ll just makeone loaf a small life just to let youknow I’m not going to make a huge batchof it right so there’s about 2 cups offlour some salt for you half a teaspoonof salt all I like to sweeten me read upa little bit a little level teaspoon ofsugar bit is some yeast and he boiledthese little sachets I think it’s 11grams it should be enough for one kiloso in this much about two cups Iprobably just put in a bit yeah a thirdof the packetso get yourself a good stiff Spannyou’ve got a bit of a stir up a lot ofpeople put their yeast into warm waterand wait for it to activate you can dothat if you want but I don’t bother herein Indonesia it’s really hot so the Agedactivates quickly a lot of people don’tdo this either but I do I just put alittle tiny tiny splash of olive oil init it seems to make it easier to kneadand all right so now all we need is somewater it’s got a cup of water straightin give it a stir just stir it up untilit plumps up and say yeah well moist itis so we’ll just give it a littlekneading the pain see if it’s too dry orit’s too wet now whatever it seems allright it’s a bit moist so what I do nowlet me give a nice finish up one nightspread a bit of flareon get your flairmix yet and just stop pressing itstretching it it’s a bit moist infill isvery wet in the middle you’re supposedto do this for a bit up to 10 minutes Isave it I just do it until it becomesnice and pliable and not wet and stickythe more you know the sort of drawer itgets it’s just a matter of pressing itfolder pressing it anyway you want toknow that it’s just a matter ofstretching itthank God but then they sort of had agood solid five minutes then the waythis is now you can just let that riseand use that as pizza day a beautiful soall I do flip it around do a nice littleball sit in the middlesprinkle it touch Flair over the top andthat’s it it’s a matter now it’s just tolet it sit until the Yoast activates andit doubles in size and we’ll get back tothat okay I’m gonna let this sit for abit and the hour and a half or ionisingsays doubled in size Uzi now what we’regonna do is knock it down noise knockyour bow down and let it rise againdoors just take it out just not goodright down to nothing you can even giveit a bit of a nade again if you want itdoesn’t matter but you want your Davedata rise twice around it again in anice little ball yeah okay I made me doit at allsomething I can try I’ll just use aglass parts dish because I’m the properbread back and tries it’s pretty bit offlair and on tip it at grab me a littleBowlplace it in the middle we’ll just coverthat over and let it rise again and whatI do here which you can do to have to doyou don’t have to do especially thiswith olive always put a little bit ofolive all over me bread then I’llsprinkle it with a bitter sesame seedshelps it stick to it and as it risesit’ll actually rise into that and I geta sharp knife and I’ll just put twolittle scores for just tiny littlescores that’s all we know so that breadsbeen knocked in we’ve got to let it riseagain before we cook it so this time Iprobably let it sit for a good at leastan hour air and maybe two hours and yousee how big it gets so just cover thatover no I mean oh really humid climatehere but if you’re in a cold climate youcan wet your tea towel with warm waterand wring it out really wring it out andjust place that over the top you don’twant to wet your day but that helps itstay moist or more moist and humidanyway we’ll just leave that sick for acouple of hours and see what happens Ikind of went after that knocked down orthat day we’ve let our boys in as youcan see is really risen up it’s evenbigger than the first rise alright sowe’re gonna turn now it’s cooking sopray hate in the oven to 200 degrees andwould just go to Wagoneer that’s it so Ican enter[Music]and let that cook for about thirtyminutes and keep your eye on it you justkeep your eye on that make sure thatdoesn’t burn or doesn’t cook very quickway we bread as you just cook it slow so200 varies no more and after about 20minutes have a good look at it it shouldrise a little bit as well in the oven asit heats up so we’ll keep our eye onthat and see what happens in 30 minutesguys gonna do a little check on it torchon it have a look yeah it’s juststarting to brown up a bit it’s risen abit more and that’s looking good allright we’ve got 10 minutes left on thetimer and I will check it when it’sfinished I’m just doing the final checkon the baby gonna take it yet and itsmells really goodanyway jeez it looks good and this iswhy you check ityou idiot get him a tap and that soundsHollow she’s ready so just take that inat rest there for a couple of minutesokay so it’s time to give his bread abit of the testlook at that it’s just beautiful whatfresh bread it’s still hot it’s justmelting it’s that hot yeah Mac mmmreally good fresh bread it’s really easyto make bread I suggest everyone try itthis is a matter of perfecting yourtechnique and trying and trying untilyou get it right I’ll be making my ownbread now for about a year and as oganyway I hope you liked the video if youdid give it a big thumbs up to wannasubscribe subscribe alright hope to seeyou soonyou

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